Beauty fans are racing to get their hands on Shein's lippies, fake lashes and soft brushes as prices start from 75p | The Sun

Beauty fans are racing to get their hands on Shein's lippies, fake lashes and soft brushes as prices start from 75p | The Sun

MAKEUP fans can't get enough of Shein's bargain beauty products including glossy lipsticks, fake eyelashes and even soft brushes – and prices start from as little as 75p.

Alexis Simone took to TikTok to rave about the stunning products as she put them to the test.

The 22-year-old influencer explained that she already owns some Shein makeup and other beauty products from the brand, but recently bought even more.

Starting off with the Insta-fill Brow Pencil the beauty fan was immediately impressed by how fluffy it made her brows look, and the best part is it only cost £2.49.

She also tried out a couple of foundations and the results left her stunned.

"When they said full coverage they literally weren't lying, look at how this covers everything," she said as she tried it on.


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The foundation definitely wowed viewers who couldn't wait to get their hands on the products.

One wrote: "Slay! I'm literally adding all of this to my cart right now."

And a second commented: "Shein's makeup packaging and stuff is so cute too."

"The more Shein makeup I try the more impressed I get," Alexis said when she showed off the finished look.

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She even said the makeup, including the glossy lipstick lasted on her face for eight hours which makes it a total winner.

Another TikTok user, who posts as @rxxxxxlx also couldn't believe how good the bargain brand's beauty products are.

She bagged a few different packs of fake eyelashes as well as different eyeshadow brushes.

The mega haul also featured cute makeup sponges and powder puffs – all for under a fiver.

"They look like lash extensions," the beauty fan raved as she tried them on.

Fellow TikTok users were just as impressed with the lashes as they raved about how expensive they looked.

"I can't put lashes on to save my life but these are incredible," one wrote.

And a second said: "Wait these are so CUTE!"

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