Bride asks if it’s ‘tacky’ to ask fiance’s aunt to make table runners for the 75-person wedding & it could take 40 HOURS

Bride asks if it’s ‘tacky’ to ask fiance’s aunt to make table runners for the 75-person wedding & it could take 40 HOURS

A BRIDE has asked if it is “tacky” to ask her fiance’s aunt to make table runners for their 75-person wedding for free.

The unnamed woman took to Reddit to ask people’s opinions on her asking the relative to do the job as a “wedding present”, even though it could take her up to 40 hours.

The bride explained how she got engaged in July 2016, and is planning a modest wedding for 60-75 people in October 2022, depending on the coronavirus pandemic.

She wrote: “My fiancé’s aunt is incredibly crafty. She makes these incredibly indicate and breathtaking quilts. She plays the sewing machine like a fiddle. 

“Would it be tacky, bridezillaish, or any other form of terrible to provide her with fabric and ask that she make table runners in lieu of getting us a gift? 

“That the labor of making the table runners be her gift? 

“On a scale from ‘she’ll be touched but get ready for a no’ to ‘she’ll get her revenge by pouring a glass of red wine down your dress’, how bad of an idea is this?”

Many people were completely divided in their responses, with some saying she should offer to pay the aunt for her time.

The bride responded: “Asking her rates for making the runners or offering to pay wouldn’t go well. 

“She is very much a ’god gave me these hands and will take them away when I exploit them’ type of person. 

“She is so generous with her time and money and love, and I do not want to take advantage of her.”

The bride added that she would “absolutely” pay for the fabric.

One skeptical person wrote: “Coming from someone who grew up in a quilting community (and attempted it once and failed), you might be a bridezilla depending on how you phrase it and what you're looking for.

“Quilts are art, and there's a BIG variation on how much work and skill goes into each one.”

The bride responded: “Oh my goodness, I would never ask for a quilt! I was going to ask for simple table runners- just long, one color with maybe a border if she wants to get fancy with it!”

Some encouraged the idea, with one saying: “So I’d say go for it. Be polite, not demanding, focusing on how special they are because they are from her and be 100000% ok with a no.”

The bride agreed saying: “I need to emphasize how absolutely fine it is to say ‘no’.”

She added: “I should think more carefully about the amount of work I am requesting, especially after someone commented that this could be a 40+ hour project.

“She will likely be thrilled. If she agrees to this, I should get her a flower for her dress or a corsage for the wedding. 

“My fiancé and I will also make a day out of planning with them, covid willing, by inviting them over for dinner after fabric shopping.”

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