Cleaning fanatic shares hack to get grey whites bright again WITHOUT bleach (or much effort)

Cleaning fanatic shares hack to get grey whites bright again WITHOUT bleach (or much effort)

A SAVVY woman has revealed how she ensures her whites come out of the washing machine crisp and bright every time – and she doesn't use bleach.

Posting a video to TikTok with the username lizluxehome, Liz shared the easy-follow-trick to achieve whiter whites.

"If you want whiter whites without using bleach, this is for you!" she said in the video.

"Put Dawn dish soap on a white cloth in addition to your laundry soap and add into the washing machine.

"Whiter whites without the use of bleach."

While Dawn is an American brand, both Dawn and Fairy Wash Up Liquid are produced by Proctor & Gamble. From all accounts, they have the same ingredients.

This hack also proves to be affordable, as a bottle of Fairy will only set you back £ 1.50 from the supermarket.

Since the video has been uploaded, it's been viewed over 260k times and has hundreds of comments.

Curious commenters have asked a variety of questions about the hack, which the clean queen has answered.

She explained that so far she hasn't had any issues with this cleaning method and encouraged others to give it a try.

"Wouldn't this cause bubble overload?" one person asked.

"No that's why you put it on a cloth," Liz replied.


She also said that this would work on coloured loads, as her mum has been doing it for years.

"Will this help prevent hard water stains?" another person queried.

Liz responded: "Yes definitely! I use Dawn dish soap to clean my glass showers."

Others shared how successful this hack had been for them, legitimising the handy washing trick.

"I tried it today and it worked!" one person said.

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