I bought my son his own mini air fryer and I'm obsessed – people say I'm hogging it but it's so cute | The Sun

I bought my son his own mini air fryer and I'm obsessed – people say I'm hogging it but it's so cute | The Sun

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YOU know what kids are like, if there's something the grown-ups pay attention to, they want a go.

That's why children always dive for your keys, the remote and your phone.

Well now they can have their own version of your favourite kitchen appliance, your air fryer.

One mum posted a video of herself playing with the adorable toy – but people suggested that she may be hogging it and should let her baby boy have a go too.

TikToker Brooke Blackwell demonstrated how the fun fryer worked.

She started by putting a yellow toy chip and chicken nugget in the fryer basket.

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After restoring the basket to the machine and turning it on the light came on as it "cooked" the food.

At this point her son tried to yank open the drawer to access the toy food but she stopped him so as to demonstrate the toy's full function.

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Once the air fryer pinged, she brought out the food and it had turned brown.

If you want to bag your own kids' air fryer, the same toy is available for £16.49 here.

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People were quick to comment on the cute video which has now been viewed more than 10 million times.

One person said: "Dead at you not letting the kid play their their own toy lmao. Because same girl!"

To which she replied: "I needed to show everyone how cool it is so he had to wait!"

Another said: "I love it, but MAYBE let him play with it a little bit too."

A third said: "This maybe childish for my little sister but for me it’s good."

Another said: "Ok I know I’m an adult with an actual air fryer…. But I want it."

While another said: "Normalise adults getting a turn with the kids toys."

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