I branded my sister a bad parent for her 'fashion statement' baby name – I’m fuming for my nephew… he's not a dog | The Sun

I branded my sister a bad parent for her 'fashion statement' baby name – I’m fuming for my nephew… he's not a dog | The Sun

THE MAN was furious with his sister and her husband for the name they picked for their unborn baby girl.

The uncle-to-be said that his sister was "selfish, stupid, or an incredibly strong combination of the two" for choosing the unique name.

He took to Reddit to explain his frustrations about the families "propensity to see their children as fashion statements".

He said: "I am a man who was given a woman's name at birth. A good example is naming your son Alice.

"It's not what my name was but it's close. My parents are hippies and gave their oldest son a girl's name to 'stick it to the man' and I will never forgive them for it.

"That name caused me to be bullied and damaged my professional life in ways I cannot describe.

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"My sister is pregnant with her first child. A girl.

"She and her husband are ecstatic, it just sucks that she inherited my parent's stupid propensity to see their children as fashion statements. Last night, she revealed to the family the name of her daughter.

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"It's Krxstxl. She wants to name her daughter Krxstxl. Confused, the name is pronounced Crystal.

"I already don't like that name but it's at least appropriate. I was not surprised to learn that my mom helped come up with the name."

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The man explained that he wasn't able to hold back with his opinion of the unique choice of name.

He said: "When she told me, I told her it was a terrible idea. If she wants to name her Crystal, name her Crystal.

"She tried to explain to me why the x's are there and I just told her it does not matter. She's naming a human, not a dog.

"I don't care what kind of fashion statement she's trying to make, this is a person who will have to live with that name until they die or has it changed.

"She and my mom brushed me off as just complaining because I was never able to accept my name.

"I told my sister she was being either selfish, stupid, or an incredibly strong combination of the two if she thinks her daughter will want a stupid name like Krxstxl.

"We got into an argument and I told her I already see her and her husband as s**** parents for using their kid to be off-brand with her name and left right after.

"My sister is not taking it well at all and my mom is furious with me.

"I'm starting to wonder if I was too harsh. I will not change my opinion on that incredibly stupid name. But I'm wondering if branding her as a s**** parent was too far."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the situation.

One person said: "As someone who changed their name the moment they turned 18, you’re right. She is stupid.

"It’s a horrendous name that will do nothing but get the child bullied.

"It’s not 'unique' or cute. Her child is not an accessory. I personally think stupid crap like this should fall under child abuse."

Another said: "Let's get one thing straight here. 'Krxstxl' is not, will not be, and shouldn't be assumed to be pronounced 'Chrystal'.

"Real life is not algebra class, the letter X is not a place holder for whatever sound they think should be there. Newsflash, that's what letters are for."

A third said: "I try to imagine how many people will this child try to explain to how it's spelled… After she finally learns it herself…

"It's an unnecessary stress that the parents want to add to the child – just because they think they're cool, unique and they wrongly 'assume' that people will be jealous of their bright idea.

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"And you are the best possible witness (victim) of what a bad choice of name will bring."

While another said: "I’m so sick of this s***. 'Oh it’s pronounced Crystal!' No it f***ing isn’t."

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