I care for triplets with unique names at camp – the boys match their monikers to a T, I'm scared of the coming weeks | The Sun

I care for triplets with unique names at camp – the boys match their monikers to a T, I'm scared of the coming weeks | The Sun

ONE camp counselor has exposed the all-too-unique names of the triplets they've been watching.

The monikers match some of their personalities, and the counselor is concerned about what that means for the coming weeks.

Reddit user LeninaCrowneIn2020 posted about the cameras in a name-mocking forum.

The two boys had unique names, while the girl's moniker wasn't as unusual.

"A set of siblings that just joined the summer camp program at the childcare center I work for," the post read.

Below Lenina Crowne's caption, they added a picture of three laminated name tags.

The names were Ryatt, Rayge, and Kathleen.

According to Lenina Crowne, Kathleen, Ryatt, and Rayge had the perfect monikers for how they acted.

"It's only been a week, but so far, everyone matches their name to a T, and I'm scared for the next 12 weeks," they wrote.

Other Reddit users poked fun at the irony of the monikers.

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"You're so lucky you get to see Rayge against the Kathleen this summer," one viewer commented.

"I heard it's going to be such a Ryatt," another individual added.

A humorous fan remarked: "Let’s hope Rayge is going to turn out to be a vegan Buddhist who does nonviolent social justice work and smells of patchouli."

One person questioned the parents' choice of names, writing: "So they were going for "Rage" and "Riot"… and then just threw Kathleen in there for fun?"

Lenina Crowne added insight: "I actually asked at the end of their first week! They thought there were only the two boys planned Ryatt and Rayge. Then, a baby girl popped out."

Instead of keeping with the punk rock theme, the parents named their unexpected new baby girl after a family member.

"Kathleen is such a normal, pretty name. Yikes on the others," a blunt Reddit user said.

Another agreed: "Doing a real disservice to their sons in calling them riot and rage. Absolutely awful."

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