I DIYed a bubbling cauldron for Halloween decor – all I needed were Joann Fabrics and Amazon buys | The Sun

I DIYed a bubbling cauldron for Halloween decor – all I needed were Joann Fabrics and Amazon buys | The Sun

A DIY expert has shown her followers how to create a bubbling cauldron for Halloween.

She said all her spooky materials were purchased from Joann Fabrics and Amazon.

TikToker Gigi Kuzi (@gigikuzi) impressed her followers when she shared the video, which has more than 2.7million views.

Gigi placed a styrofoam ball on the top of a plastic cauldron and then cut the edges.

Then she used a hot glue gun to hold it in place and put aluminum foil on the top of the foam as the second layer.

She then glued two strings of fairy lights — one purple, one green — as the third layer.

The more time-consuming part of the craft came when Gigi began to assemble the iridescent ornaments during the fourth phase.

They are supposed to look like bubbles when the fairy lights are turned on.

For the final step, Gigi filled the gaps with smaller decorations.

Some of the most popular comments were from fans who wanted tips on where the content creator purchased her supplies.

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"Can you please send me the link for the small 'bubbles' I have been looking everywhere," one person asked.

"On Amazon search the 2 inch…the smaller size should pop up as an option," Gigi answered.

The TikToker said she ordered the "tiny clear ornaments" from Amazon as well.

Another person was curious about the battery-powered fairy lights.

"How do I take it out to change batteries?" the person wondered.

"I left mine hanging on the side. It’s on top of my fridge so you can’t see the battery packs," the DIY pro revealed.

Gigi also said that she purchased her 12-inch cauldron from Joann Fabrics.

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