I doubled the length of my hair in just three months – here's all the products I used and the key step you're missing | The Sun

I doubled the length of my hair in just three months – here's all the products I used and the key step you're missing | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share how she’s doubled the length of her hair in just three months. 

Mandy, known online as @mandywillardd, regularly shares hair and beauty tips with her 25,000 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator shares the routine she’s been using for the past 12 weeks – and claims oiling your scalp is the key to quick growth. 

She said: “This was an Instagram story…from the end of September, right when I first chopped my hair. 

“I’m about to wash my hair so I wanted to show you the products I use on my scalp and what I’ve been doing to grow my hair, literally look how much – and it’s so healthy. 

“I’m currently using the Ceremonia Scalp Oil on my hair right now. 


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“Pacifica Scalp Love Rosemary and Mint is one of my favourite daily ones. You can put this on your head every night to massage it in, and it doesn’t leave your hair oily or greasy. 

“Same with the Difeel Leave-in Root Stimulator for Hair Growth. I use these two literally every night. 

“I just put some on my fingers and rub it in on my scalp, and then I’ll even use the scrubber too and just go over it to really work it in. 

“I also use the Difeel Rosemary and Mint Oil. 

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“I use their Argan Oil and this Argan oil on the ends of my hair. 

“Shampoo and conditioner wise, I use the purple bottle of Pureology, and I also rotate those through with the Redken Acid Bond Concentrate line. 

“I use the little 21 Pureology spray, leave-in spray when I get out of the shower. 

“So what I’ll do is I will scalp oil my head like this, and then I’ll go put the Colour Wow Money Mask on the ends of my hair. 

“Leave that on for a little bit and then I’ll get in the shower. 

“I double shampoo the scalp with a scalp exfoliator in the shower, and then I put my conditioner on. 

“Get out, I’ll go in with the root oils for the scalp, and then I will use the leave-in spray. 

“I usually air-dry my hair. I’m just not a big fan of the blow dryer, but I do know that sometimes that’s good. 

“I use the Heritage Heat Protectant if I’m going to be using heat on my hair, but I really try to keep heat to a minimum. 

“There’s just so many amazing heatless curl methods now.” 

The products are available from a range of retailers, including Amazon and Sephora, with prices starting from £6. 

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Fans loved Mandy’s recommendations, with the video gaining more than 2,900 likes and 67,000 views.

But the comments, not all were convinced that her hair could have grown that fast, with one writing: “Impossible that your hair grew that much in 3 months.”

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