I ended up in tears when my son got hold of his dad’s beard trimmers and gave himself a DIY haircut

I ended up in tears when my son got hold of his dad’s beard trimmers and gave himself a DIY haircut

A MUM'S been left in hysterics after her son, 2, managed to get his hands on his dad's clippers and shaved half of his hair off.

According to Faith, 37, her toddler, Otis Morgan, from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, got a hold of his dad's beard trimmer, which had been charging outside the bathroom, as she was folding laundry.

After he had given himself DIY trim, the toddler then crawled to into his parents' bedroom, where Faith spotted him.

However, it wasn't until later that she discovered what had taken place, as she found the trimmer on the floor surrounded by tufts of baby hair.

"I had to laugh.


''I mean you either choose to laugh or cry in situations like that", the mum said.

"He was playing with his sister's unicorn toy which makes a buzzing noise as it spins round, so I didn't even register the buzzing noise of the clippers.

"Having seen his daddy shave his hair regularly he obviously decided to try them himself.

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"He wandered back into my bedroom and I saw that he had hair on his sleeve.''

According to Faith, she initially had thought that her son had been hugging the family cat and was shocked at how much he had been shedding.

"But it didn't take me long to realise there was far too much hair for it to be the cat!

"Then I saw the damage he had done and asked him what had happened.

"I must admit I did cry later at the idea that we might have to shave all his hair off.

"Just because how drastically different he would suddenly look!"

Faith also took photos of Otis' DIY snipping before posting them in a Facebook parenting group to seek advice.

The post, which has since seen 4,300 likes so far, read: "So my husband left his hair clippers on charge and my 2yr old found them.

"I know these things happen (my daughter cut off her hair with a pair of scissors a few years ago, why is it always my children?!

''Actually plz don't answer that) and I know it will grow back but has anyone had their child do something similar and have pictures of how you styled it to make it look Ok?

"I really don't want to shave all his hair off."

Facebook users were in stiches, with one commenting: "Bless him!

''We have all had kids cut their hair.

''It is like a rite of passage for each kid. Sending hugs!"

A second added: "I’m sorry to laugh but this is hilarious.

''The hairdresser will sort it don’t worry.

''Definitely save these pics for his 18th/21st/wedding day xxx."

"I’m impressed that he worked out how to use them!

''Well done little guy, you’re clearly a resourceful chap!," thought someone else.

Hundreds more also joined to share similar stories with their own young kids.

One parent recalled: "My son cut his hair so short to his scalp when he was 3.

''I had to shave his whole head.

''When we went out a man asked if he has cancer!

''I was heartbroken.

''I do sympathise with you."

Another dad said: "Got to laugh, my daughter shaved her eyebrows and cut her own fringe, thought the wife was going to die from the panic attack, I thought I was going to die because I couldn’t stop laughing."

"I have six kids and everyone of them have done this my second youngest even shaved the dog when she was younger," added another user.

Desperate to salvage her son's new hair, Faith immediately booked an appointment at the hairdresser for the the next day.

The stay-at-home mum added: "A lot of people thought it looked like he had a mullet and said he should keep it because it was making a comeback!

"Others say he was trying to style his hair like his dad was has a shaved head.

"There were suggestions of styling it like a Peaky Blinders haircut or a mohawk but we didn't go quite that extreme in the end.

"I'm so relieved that we managed to get away without having to go down that route.

"It isn't too noticeable now and is something to make people smile.

"He's a cheeky monkey so they are used to his antics!"

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