I gave my sons' unique names – I love when people roast them, trolls say I'm laughing at their expense, I don't care | The Sun

I gave my sons' unique names – I love when people roast them, trolls say I'm laughing at their expense, I don't care | The Sun

A MUM was slammed for sharing the unique names she gave her sons.

There's a lot of pressure on parents to pick a name that is unique while still fitting in with societal norms.

But one mum, who realises people hate her children's unique names, took to Facebook to ask people to roast their names.

In the post, the anonymous woman wrote: "Please roast my 2 sons' names, I wanna laugh."

The mum then went on to reveal her two boys' first and middle names which were Asriel Grey and Quincy Esper.

She revealed that her husband named their son Asriel after the angel of death, but she didn't find out where the name came from until it was too late.


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"Like Azrael? The angel of death? Ok," commented one stunned person.

The mum replied: "Lol yeah, his dad choose it and told me on his first birthday."

People were stunned by the names, but that wasn't the only thing that ticked them off.

Many people took to the comments furious with the mum for laughing at their expense, with names she picked.

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And the mum didn't deny it.

One person raged: "You want to laugh, at your kids expense…? Interesting."

The mum replied: "No, I wanna laugh and everyone else trying to make fun of these names.

"We love the names, but find it funny how much everyone else hates them."

But people weren't convinced, another person commented: "Have a laugh at your kid’s expense."

A third person penned: "Yea pretty dumb."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Pray your kids won't blame you one day for giving them stupid names."

"Why did you name them that?" asked a fifth.

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Another wrote: "You mean you don't laugh every time you call them by those names?"

"I mean, just read the names… if that doesn't make you laugh nothing will. Seriously. Why do you hate your kids? Another person asked the mum.

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