I hate wearing a bra – people tell me to put undies on but they need to shut up | The Sun

I hate wearing a bra – people tell me to put undies on but they need to shut up | The Sun

A WOMAN who hates wearing bras has clapped back in a simple way to people who tell her to put undergarments on.

She shared a video that tells her online haters to shut up in a roundabout way.

Known on TikTok as @darlingjones666, the digital creator makes it a point to be her most authentic self online.

According to her bio on the social platform, she's just vibing in all of her videos, which touch on dating, relationships, family, and work.

In one video, she keeps it real by sharing her genuine dislike of wearing bras on her curvy body.

The TikTok user makes her style point loud and clear in a very concise way.


I’m done wearing bras, I found something way more comfortable for under my shirt

The video begins with the brunette visible from the chest up wearing a fashionable gray tank top.

She sits down in a chair and allows her bosom to bounce up and down dramatically in a way that makes it clear that she is not wearing a bra.

The words written across the visual are "put a bra on" which is an ode to the many people who tell her to wear one.

By allowing her breasts to bounce up and down, she is poking fun at the people who tell her to cover herself up more and wear undies.

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She makes it even more apparent that she plays by her own rules through her choice of background audio.

"Here's another idea that's going to be very controversial. You could shut the f**k up!" the person says.

The content creator mouths along in jest as she points her finger at the camera.

Several viewers rushed to the comments to offer their feedback over her choice to #freethenipple.

"Right on! Being urself is better than what they think," a user commented.

"Terrible advice on their part," another added.

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