I have 34DDD boobs – my school PE teacher still tried to force me to run, she was too ‘flat’ to understand | The Sun

I have 34DDD boobs – my school PE teacher still tried to force me to run, she was too ‘flat’ to understand | The Sun

ASPIRING for bigger boobs might be the dream for some, but it's not the nirvana you might expect.

That’s the experience of one young woman, who has had to endure some indignities because of her large chest.

One particular school PE experience still haunts TikToker Valerie Ruizz (@valerie.ruixz) several years after the event.

Since she shared it on her platform, her post has attracted over 38,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

In popular culture, big boobs are often seen as the epitome of womanhood.

But for many women, like Valerie, an oversized chest brings with it a whole host of problems.

None more so than the pain having big breasts can induce.

Even the best sports bras often fail to give adequate support especially when it comes to vigorous activity.

In her post, Valerie told her followers about her high school nightmare: “Based on a true story,” she said.

Her teacher, who was not blessed in the chest department, gave her class an instruction: “My PE teacher telling me to run a mile," she said.

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This was no problem for most people perhaps, but it certainly was one for Valerie.

“Me with a 34DDD freshman year trying to run in PE,” she complained.

This wasn’t Valerie being lazy; running with 34DDD was torture: “It was painful,” she said. “I had to speed walk because they honestly did hurt.”

She was furious about being put in such a situation and still feels cross: “You don’t know how it is,” she said in relation to her teacher.

There were some strong words for her unsympathetic teaching style: “Me about to f*ck up a bitch ‘cause she’s literally flatter than my ass," she vented.

But she wasn’t finished yet: “Try being my size. You don’t know how it is. There’s stuff you can’t do.”

The torment hasn't ended for Valerie: “I get treated so much differently and I hate the attention,” she confessed.

Many comments to her post were overwhelmingly empathetic and supportive.

“I felt this now I’m a sophomore and a 38DDD," was a comment typical of many."

Similarly: “This is exactly what happened to me, same chest size and everything.”

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It's never too late to learn said one fan: “I’m 36 and I just learned it was a thing when I got properly fitted. So hunny, feel your pain.”

Finally, stay positive: “So sorry you have to deal with ignorant pervs. Keep your head up and ignore them all. My wife is built like you and told me her stories.”

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