I lost 79 lbs – I fast for 12 hours every night, then have a three-ingredient go-to breakfast for weight management | The Sun

I lost 79 lbs – I fast for 12 hours every night, then have a three-ingredient go-to breakfast for weight management | The Sun

A HEALTH-CONSCIOUS woman has inspired others after revealing the simple lifestyle change that helped her to shed over 79 pounds. 

Bims (@bimboprincess101) had low self-confidence and loathed her body before spending four months overhauling her physique.

She has racked up almost 60,000 followers on TikTok where she shares fashion tips and the secret to maintaining her weight loss.

She took to the social media platform to reveal how intermittent fasting and a protein-rich diet helped to achieve her “dream body.”

Bims shared a snap of her curvy figure in a crop top and striped pants before she had lost her excess pounds.

“What I eat after 12 hours of IF [intermittent fasting] that helped me lose 36kg [79 pounds] & for weight management,” read the text over the video. 

She then showed her new slender figure in a white tank top and figure-hugging pants as she lifted her top to show her abs.

“300g of watermelon, coconut water, and two scoops of collagen for protein,” the text continued.

Bims drank the coconut water mixed with the collagen powder after cutting the watermelon into chunks in a bowl.

She captioned the post with hashtags including #weightlosstransformation, #caloriedeficit, #portioncontrol, and #intermittentfasting.

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The post received over 10,000 likes and a stream of comments from people sharing their own weight loss experiences.

One person wrote: “I also started my IF [intermitent fasting]. I’m on day five.

“Watermelon is so good, filling, low calories, and hydrating. I use it to break my fast.”

Another commented: “I’m doing IF [intermittent fasting] for one week, I really need to lose the weight. Congrats.”

A third said: “Thanks, I’m doing a one-week fast and I never know what to break it with so my stomach won’t hurt.”

The post came after Bims shared a YouTube video speaking candidly about her decision to try intermittent fasting.

She admitted that she had previously tried to lose weight with exercise but didn’t see the results that she wanted.

She decided to create a vision board of women who had her dream physique and looked at it for motivation while dieting. 

Bims explained that she had to make sacrifices to achieve her goal and her attitude towards herself changed throughout her weight loss journey. 



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She said: “This showed me you that should do what works for your body and self-love is the only way to lose weight.

“I tell people when you want to lose weight that you have to love yourself so deeply because only you know what you want to change.”

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