I married my cousin who’s 29 years older than me – people always slam me as a gold-digger but it was love at first sight | The Sun

I married my cousin who’s 29 years older than me – people always slam me as a gold-digger but it was love at first sight | The Sun

A STUNNING model, 30, has insisted she is not a gold-digger after marrying her second-cousin who is twice her age.

Debora Peixoto instantly fell head-over-heels for her relative, Anderson Alves Peixoto, 59, after they met at her dad’s house.

The loved-up pair from Brazil hit it off straight away and moved in together after just four days.

The model says that she has never been with an older man before but admits she has experienced backlash over their age gap.

However, Debora refuses to let cruel trolls get in the way of their love.

”In the beginning, people would say that I was just with him for a sugar daddy,” Debora told https://www.nudepr.com/.


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”Other people would comment on how much younger I am than him and he wouldn’t be able to perform sexually at my level.

“This is the first time I've dated an older man, but it's the best thing.

”He has so much more life experience.

”I’ve been criticised because he is older than me and for marrying my cousin but It was love at first sight.

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”We met on a Thursday, we kissed three days later, and as soon I got his name tattooed, and he asked me to move in with him.

”He went to my father's house to ask for my hand in marriage, and four days later, we were living together.

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”Just three months later, we were planning our wedding.”

The couple, who tied the knot six years ago admit that they have been slammed online for their relationship.

Despite the backlash, the 30-year-old couldn’t be happier with her man and claims that hate comments come from jealousy.

The Brazilian couple is not the first one to go viral after revealing their relationship – Dave and Jackie, a US-based duo with a 42-year age gap, recently hit back at all the meanies.

Jackie, 27, originally from the Philippines, has been married to Dave, 42 years her senior, for a few years now, and regularly takes it to TikTok to share snaps and videos of the two.

But although they claim to be in love, not everyone believes Jackie has pure intentions.

With the average age difference for heterosexual couples being 2.3 years – the man is usually the older one – the TikTok-famous duo has left many questioning the authenticity of the relationship.

Under almost every clip Jackie and her 69-year-old husband have posted there are hundreds of comments by trolls who believe the young woman is in the marriage simply for the money and the Green card.

But despite the critique and negative remarks, the couple, who have more than 32,000 fans following their journey, continue to share short clips of their romantic story.

There are lots of sunny hikes, copious amounts of food and countless videos of them dancing together.

Followers and other social media users will also know that Jackie and Dave are not afraid to make fun of the age difference, with the couple even visiting the stores to stack up on ''diapers for grandpa''.

Hitting back at trolls for whom the age gap is too much, Dave said: ''I am 69-years-old. And to us, it doesn't make a bit of difference.''

Their TikTok profile, which has more than a whopping 245,000 overall likes, even states: ''Love is endless, and love has no age limit.''

There are countless of comments people have left – but it isn't all negative, as there are also plenty of those who support the relationship.

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''I love you guys you are so nice and kind you seem so happy. One of my favorite couples,'' one fan wrote.

Another agreed, saying: ''Age is just the number as long you love each other, you two are so blessed to have each other.''

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