I spent £109 at a charity shop – it’s the most I’ve ever paid but was so worth it, I’ve kitted the kids out for all year | The Sun

I spent £109 at a charity shop – it’s the most I’ve ever paid but was so worth it, I’ve kitted the kids out for all year | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she spent a whopping £109 at a charity shop and managed to kit her two daughters out with new clothes for the rest of the year.

Savvy shopper and mum-of-two, Rachel Hutchinson, who posts on TikTok under the username @rachmariex, explained that she did her biggest and most expensive charity shop haul.

But although Rachel spent a lot of money, she was able to bag brilliant bargains for her daughters, with lots of lovely items for their Summer holiday.

Rachel managed to nab clothes from Nike, Next and even Abercrobie and Fitch in her mega haul. 

Taking to the video sharing platform to show off her epic buys, she said: “I’m about to show you the biggest charity shop haul I have ever done in my life and the most money I have spent.

“I spent £109. I have never, ever, ever spent that sort of money so I’m going to show you what I got.

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“I pretty much got the whole of the girls summer wardrobe – luckily enough, someone had donated the same sizes in both items for my girls.

“Starting with these denim dresses, how stunning? They were £2.49 each so I got one for Pippa and one for Poppy. Really good thick quality as well. 

“Then these [playsuits] are from Abercrombie and Fitch – they’re gorgeous playsuits. Really good material, I got one for Pippa and one for Poppy. These were £2.49 each and they come with a little waist belt.

“Again, Abercrombie and Fitch, £2.49, how stunning. I love the floral on this and the button detail. It’s got a really nice back.

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“This is one of my favourite dresses because it’s so plain and so simple, it’s a khaki colour, with buttons down it. It’s from Next.

“I’m absolutely over the moon with what I’ve bought today.

“Grabbed these two Nike hoodies and they were £2.49 each. Nike hoodies, £2.49, I couldn’t get over it. Got them one in each size, so one is six to seven and the other is four to five. Really happy with these.

“These are to go on top of their bikinis when we go on holiday – how stunning and they were £1.49 each. I think they are so, so cute, they’ve got a little tassel detail.

“Then I got these dresses and they are all in mint condition.

“These are one of the girls’ favourite buys, they are Nike leggings, they were £1.49 and they are in really, really good condition. I’m really happy I came across them.

“Found these gipsy skirts, again in each size and absolutely love them, really nice embroidery on them. They will be perfect for holiday.

“These two dresses are from Next and they are quite a nice thick material and they’ve got one of them each.

“I’m going to run out of time but if you want a part two I will upload a part two.” 

Rachel posted her video just 15 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 119.6k views.

It has 3,481 likes, 86 comments and 20 shares.

TikTok users loved Rachel’s new bargains and were over the moon that she managed to find clothes for both of her girls.

One person said: “How lucky were you! And in your girl's sizes! Wow” to which Rachel replied “I know I honestly couldn’t believe it.” 

Another added: “Absolute bargains.”

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A third commented: “And all worth the money! Such an amazing huge haul.”

Whilst someone else noted: “Wow u got a fab bargain there. Got to love the charity shops and saved a fortune there.”

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