I spent my house deposit money on new lips when my man dumped me – I don't regret a thing | The Sun

I spent my house deposit money on new lips when my man dumped me – I don't regret a thing | The Sun

A TYPICAL break up consists of unfollowing your ex-lover on Instagram and spending time out partying with your friends.

But one woman revealed that she went one step further when her and her man broke up.

Having saved up for a house deposit with her partner, Winny decided to use her funds for something a little different after their break up.

Winny instead chose to splash the cash on cosmetic surgery and have a surgical lip flip.

Known as ‘winny.eth’ on the video sharing platform, Winny claimed that her ex-boyfriend did not want her to get her lips enhanced.

She even claimed that he "wouldn't" let her.

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But as she posed in the mirror, prior to having any cosmetic work done, Winny lifted her top lip up and wrote: "When he wouldn't let you get a lip flip so you spend your housing deposit on it after you breakup."

Now single, Winny booked herself in for an appointment for a 'lip lift'.

A lip lift is a surgical procedure to elevate the upper lip, shortening the distance between the lip and the nose. 

Winny filmed herself in a hospital gown and hair net just before she went under the knife.

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Moments later, we see Winny with a large bandage on her nose, while her lower face appeared to be swollen.

Later in the video, Winny removed the dressings to reveal her bloody nose and lifted top lip following the cosmetic procedure.

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Although not fully healed, Winny's top lip already appeared fuller. 

She voiced: "Everyone has their insecurities this is the one thing I wanted to change."

In another video, Winny said: “I got this done in Paris which is meant to be more expensive than many places in the world, but I did so much research before getting the surgery and the first thing that came up was ‘do not try and get a bargain, it’s not worth it’.

“Mine was £3,000 – for me, going to a place that I trusted was the most important thing.” 

Many people took to the comments to praise Winny – and some even related to her situation of spending deposit money.

One person commented: "Such a better result than filler."

Another user added: "Omg I love this for you. My bf and I broke up and I spent the money I had saved for our mortgage on a chin implant instead."

While a third voiced: “So happy you did this for yourself!”

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Someone else said: "Beautiful before too. I don’t see why, but glad you’re happy!"

Meanwhile, a fifth person said: "I love it!!! So cute!!"

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