I spent the morning of my wedding in the ER – the doctor told me to postpone my party but I refused | The Sun

I spent the morning of my wedding in the ER – the doctor told me to postpone my party but I refused | The Sun

HOURS before she planned to start getting ready for her wedding, a bride-to-be met up with her fiancé for a night on the town.

The next morning, she vomited over a dozen times – and instead of an ornate suite, the bride got ready for her wedding in a hospital room.

Now a mom of four, TikTok user Rosie had no idea what was to come when she accepted a social invite the night before her wedding.

"My fiancé (who never asks for anything) wanted me to go out and have a couple drinks," Rosie recounted in a video.

Though she wasn't sure it was the "best idea," Rosie said she felt confident about knowing her limits.

She headed out with her then-fiancé and members of the bridal party. "I was sure I could make it work," she admitted.


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The first bar the group went to specialized in shots, so within minutes, Rosie had lots of liquor pushed into her hands.

"As the night went on, my judgment got worse," she said. "But I hold liquor well and my maid of honor didn't realize how much I'd had."

The bride, and her ladies-in-waiting, only realized the severity of the situation at 5am on the big day, when Rosie began getting sick.

"I couldn't stop vomiting," she recalled. "All my morning makeup and bridal prep plans went right down the toilet."

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The bridal party swarmed in with every hangover remedy they could think of.

They also memorialized the disaster, capturing a few photos of Rosie in the throes of agony, which she shared as proof of her story.

"When nothing else was working, my bridesmaids finally insisted I go to the ER after vomiting 13 times," Rosie said.

After an assessment, the emergency room doctor told Rosie she was so severely dehydrated, she would need to reschedule the wedding.

But the bride was having none of it and gave the doctor a counteroffer.

"I told the doctor he had 45 minutes to give me an IV drip," Rosie said. "My sister put my dress on me at the ER."

In a madcap race to the venue, Rosie put her makeup on in the car, and barely made it to the church on time.

She and her sister both had bouquets thrust at them and immediately walked down the aisle.

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Despite the dramatic stakes of the day, Rosie said, most people at the wedding were none the wiser, and her hangover didn't impede any guests' enjoyment.

"We still get compliments about how awesome our wedding was," Rosie revealed in the video's description.

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