I used to be fair but then discovered fake tan… people say I’ve aged myself 10 years in one go but I know I look great | The Sun

I used to be fair but then discovered fake tan… people say I’ve aged myself 10 years in one go but I know I look great | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing what she looked like before her fake tan journey started – and people reckon the fair complexion was better.

After enjoying a sunny holiday in Los Angeles, the US, one woman got so obsessed with a bronzed look, she flew back to Germany where she started her self-tanner brand.

The brand, Venice Body, has since become a success, amassing close to 6,000 fans on TikTok alone.

Perhaps to demonstrate just how effective the tanning products are, the beauty expert shared snaps of what she looked like naturally versus after fake tanning.

At the start of the video, the blonde had inserted snaps of her more fair complexion and perfect, porcelain-like skin.

Then the young woman shared images of herself after tanning, giving her a more bronzed appearace.

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''From not self-tanning to being obsessed,'' she added in the video, adding that the skin looked ''even better in real life''.

But whilst she may feel more confident with the tanned glow, it seems that people on social media reckoned otherwise – they believed the Before was better.

To make matters worse, some even insisted she had aged herself by a decade, with one writing: ''You just got ten years older.''

Someone else agreed, commenting: ''You look more younger with pale.''

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''Try a different brand. It's very orange,'' another critic insisted.

''ok you are GORGEOUS but this did convince me to never self tan,'' a beauty fan penned.

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After going viral, the German stunner took to TikTok to hit back at all the trolls.

''First of all, I want to say it's a matter of taste […]. I like myself more being tanned – I just feel so much better, so much happier.

''I feel like my skin is more healthy and glowy and just way better.

''Also, the pictures are from five years ago,'' she explained in the follow-up clip addressing the hate comments.

''When I was pale, I didn't really like it, so I wore make-up almost every day,'' the woman noted, adding that the wrinkles were already there.

''I know what you mean by I look older – I am way older the pre pictures.

''But I wanna look older. I wanna look like a young woman.''

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