I went on an awful first date – he took me to the mall and showed me how he wants me to dress

I went on an awful first date – he took me to the mall and showed me how he wants me to dress

A WOMAN has recalled one of the most insulting dates she has ever been on after a man took her to the mall and offered her fashion advice.

The man she was with used the date as a way to show her exactly how he expects a woman he's in a relationship with to dress.

The woman, named Holly, shared the video online and admitted the bizarre experience “lives rent-free” in her mind.

“If you follow me on here, you have an idea of how I dress,” she explained. 

Holly tends to wear loose-fitting, tie-dyed clothing and fringe-lined jackets on her TikTok page. 

“On this date, I was wearing a super cute tie-dye tank top and like really ripped jeans,” she explained. 

“Walking around the mall, the first thing he says is, ‘I really hate when girls wear ripped jeans.’”

Holly thought the comment was a bit straightforward, but that was a minor shock compared to what she went through next.  

“Then he proceeds to take me to stores to show me how he wants me to dress,” she recalled. 

Holly then shared pictures of very preppy-looking outfits complete with knit sweaters tied around a model’s neck and high-rise socks paired with pleated, short skirts as examples of how the man wanted her to style her clothing.

Of course, these outfits are way outside of Holly’s comfort zone. 

To make matters worse, as he was showing Holly his desired choice of outfits, he would say things like, “I just really prefer it when women dress like this.”

Unsurprisingly, the traumatized Holly never spoke to her date again. 

“That was it,” she concluded. 

The internet was just as shocked as Holly seemed to be about the ordeal, and supported her in her comment section. 

“Why do people pick someone and then try to change them?” one person questioned. 

Another sympathizer suggested that Holly should have let him buy her the clothes and then ditched him.

Unfortunately, Holly’s experience is not uncommon.

Another woman took to the internet previously and shared that a man got drunk and checked to see if she shaved her armpits during their first date. 

Just like Holly, that woman didn’t give the man another chance. 

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