I work at Hooters – we get fined if our uniform isn’t perfect, we even use a DIY hack to fix our shoes | The Sun

I work at Hooters – we get fined if our uniform isn’t perfect, we even use a DIY hack to fix our shoes | The Sun

BEFORE clocking in for a shift at Hooters, the staff must make sure their uniforms are in tip-top condition.

If their pantyhose or shoes are damaged, one woman said, it could cost big bucks and put a major dent in a shift's paycheck.

A Hooters waitress named Nikki lamented the strict uniform rules on her TikTok, where she also mentioned the DIY method staff use as a temporary fix.

Nikki lip-synched with the Yo Gotti song Law, using the captions to recount the workplace "laws" she had to follow.

"Don't come to work with ripped pantyhose," she wrote in one caption. "Don't come to work with dirty shoes."

Then, Nikki's response appeared on-screen in a new caption.


I’m a Hooters girl – my secret uniform trick makes a big difference

It read, "I don't wanna buy either so it's…" As the caption trailed off, Nikki mouthed the words "f**k the law" in time with the song.

In the video description, she talked in more detail about the expensive outcome of a uniform infraction.

She would turn to other methods of preserving her outfit when she didn't want "to start [a] shift $60 in the negative."

It wasn't clear if Nikki was referring to the cost of the shoes, or fines levied against employees who arrive out of uniform.

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The US Sun reached out to Hooters for comment about the uniform policy, the costs of uniform components, and repercussions employees may face for infractions.

Hooters employees typically wear a specific style of white sneakers, which need to be kept clean at all times.

Nikki said that when shoes get too old and ragged to clean properly, she uses a cheap alternative to keep them looking neat.

"We will shoe paint our shoes til they’re dead," she vowed.

On TikTok, Nikki asked her fellow Hooters workers if they used the same methods to save money.

"Who else waits until they're forced to buy new shoes?" she wrote.

Some people dismissed Nikki's budget woes in the comment section.

One man wrote, "six bucks gets you new tights."

But the costs add up, especially if other aspects of the uniform are taken into consideration.

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Nikki's fans encouraged her critics to put their money where their mouths are.

"Send her the six bucks," one person wrote. "Her Venmo is in her bio."

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