I worked at Gucci and got massive bags of free clothes worth thousands – but showing it off was the biggest error ever | The Sun

I worked at Gucci and got massive bags of free clothes worth thousands – but showing it off was the biggest error ever | The Sun

A GUCCI worker was sacked after a week for sharing her uniform worth thousands of pounds on social media.

Melanie Moradi was accused of “violating Gucci social media guidelines” when she called her new white trainers “basic” and claimed to “kind of hate” one of the blazers.

As part of her staff uniform, she was given three blouses, two pairs of trousers and two blazers.

To accessorise the smart attire was a £435 belt, the Italian fashion house’s iconic GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag bag worth £1,160 and four pairs of branded socks.

By way of shoes, she got a plain white pair of trainers worth over £500 and a £655 pair of black leather loafers.

And while Melanie likes one of the blazers and the “chic” handbag, she dubbed her white trainers as “basic” and claimed to hate the collarless blazer. 

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She uploaded her uniform haul on TikTok after landing the retail job in Los Angeles, US but was fired a week later.

The caption taunted: “Should I just keep the bag and ghost?”

Gucci reportedly accused the content creator of “violating its social media guidelines”.

When challenged as to why she would put her job at risk, Melanie clapped back that she “doesn’t take anything that seriously”.

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One viewer said: “Imagine being fired right after your job orientation.”

Another quipped: “Yeah your caption wasn’t the best thing to post.”

Others joked that getting the free uniform and then never showing up to work again would be a “funny” way to overhaul your wardrobe.

One viewer laughed: “Get hired at Gucci, get freebies, work one day, quit… keep freebies.”

A second added: “Y’all are missing the fact that she got all of this for free.

“Work uniform or not, free Gucci is still Gucci.”

Melanie is yet to reveal whether she had to hand the uniform back after getting fired.

She has also not shared whether she has landed a new job since her viral firing.

Her uniform haul as totted up almost four million views of people interested in what getting your uniform is really like from luxury designers.

Gucci has been approached for comment.

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