I'll never have a bank account with my husband – people might think it's weird but I’m not sharing my money

I'll never have a bank account with my husband – people might think it's weird but I’m not sharing my money

IF you're in a long-term relationship, then chances are your finances are probably tied to your partner's in some way – whether you're saving up for a holiday or a future home.

But for Shelly Horton, getting a joint bank account with her husband is something she's sworn to NEVER do.

Writing in a personal essay for 9Honey, the Australian journalist said it's not a matter of greed.

Instead, she wants to maintain her "independence" in the relationship.

She wrote: "I don't want to be asking my husband if he would mind if I bought a certain dress or took my nephews to the movies. I know he would say yes – that's not the issue at all.

"The issue is I don't want to have to ask. I work really hard, therefore I know I'm entitled to my own money."


And having been married once before, Shelly knows all too well how messy your finances can become during a split.

She added: "I didn't have my own bank account; I didn't have my own credit card. It was all joint accounts. So, when we split, it was very messy dividing up the money."

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In the 10 years that followed her divorce, Shelly says she worked hard to get her finances in order – saving up a "substantial" amount and investing in a property.

So when she tied the knot with second husband Darren, she wanted to make sure she was protected if the relationship went south.

Shelly added: "When Darren and I got married, we had a lawyer draw up who owned what so it's all in black and white.

"We've had a will drawn up, and it's very clear what goes to my husband and what goes to my nephews. I don't think it's unromantic — I think it's clear and clean."

Acknowledging that some people might find the set-up weird, Shelley urged women to keep some financial independence from their partner.

She wrote: "I would suggest every woman out there has her own bank account she can access at any time, because you never know when you'll need it."

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