I’m a car mechanic but guys think I’m dumb – so I show them what I’m made of | The Sun

I’m a car mechanic but guys think I’m dumb – so I show them what I’m made of | The Sun

A FEMALE mechanic is slaying ‘mansplainers’ in the best possible way.

Rather than get angry, this sparky woman is using humor, lots of it.

But not everyone is getting it – mansplainers are still out in force and they make their presence known in comments to her post.

Some could not believe she was a mechanic.

She captions her video with one of their questions: "Now do you actually work on the cars? Because if so, GD, that's one hella woman."

Vermilionvixen's (@vermilionvixen) take on the dumb Southern belle is a class act.

She is working in a male-dominated industry and dated attitudes still exist.

Some are missing the point of her post, but she isn't concerned.

However, many more totally get it and are behind her all the way.

The sheer number of responses are proof of this: there were over 86k likes and nearly 1500 comments to her post.

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The mechanic and amateur welder is a legend as she plays up the image of a dumb blonde in her video.

She pretends not to know the names of basic mechanical tools and invents a whole new vocabulary.

Holding up an impact wrench she begins: “Sometimes I use these doohickies.”

Next up is a spanner. “Or these flim flams.”

She is very funny as she continues her way around a garage workshop.

“Put it around the watchyoumacallit,” she says wide-eyed and innoncent with a bolt remover in her hand.

Nothing like a bit of brute force on the bolt she says: “Then use my god-given arms and leverage.”

Even a hot wrench is given a new name.

“And then  sometimes stuff wants to be obstinate, so you use the fire stick.”

This mechanic then comes up with an ingenious name for a welder, and her fans love it: “Or you need to repair something, so you use the industrial glue gun.”

“That’s just how you do it," she finishes with a fluttery flourish.

Comments to her video piled in.

Mansplainers were in the minority, but they were still quick to correct her obvious parody.

“Silly woman. That’s not a firestick. It’s a hot wrench,” was the response of one.

While another said: “Ummmm, that’s not a fire stick, it’s called a red wrench.”

But the vast majority of followers loved her post.

They could see the funny side and thought she was awesome.

“And those are actually the right terms. LOL. I love the industrial glue stick, that’s funny. Keep doing what you’re doing,” was a comment typical of many.

Her novel take on naming tools was appreciated by many too: “I will never refer to a welder as anything other than an industrial glue gun in future.”

“These are all terms I’m using from now on,” said another.

“I would copyright industrial glue gun now,” urged this fan.

Her video bought welcome light relief: “Awesome, I’m rolling with laughter.”

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Don’t let the doubters put you off said many: “You're a treasure. Keep it real. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t awesome.”

Finally, a sweet comment: “You’re smarter than you let on but thanks for being cute.”

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