I'm a cleaning expert – the five gross places you're forgetting to clean – & it's why your house is messy | The Sun

I'm a cleaning expert – the five gross places you're forgetting to clean – & it's why your house is messy | The Sun

WIPE the countertop, put the dishes away, chuck the dirty clothes in the washing machine – this is what the cleaning routine looks like for the most of us.

But with dampness, dust and dead skin cells flying virtually everywhere, making your home actually clean involves more than just these simple steps.

And according to one cleaning whizz, Steve (@cleaningandme), from Liverpool, there are five places that the majority of people have forgotten about – and it's why their homes are not as tidy as they'd like to imagine.

Chatting exclusively to Fabulous, the 50-year-old listed the areas commonly left out when doing the weekly clean on Sunday.

''Well, it’s only when you get really up close and personal that you realise a lot of areas are missed – and it’s easily done!''

Behind the Toilet

Most of us give the toilet a vigorous scrub to ensure the front section is sparkling clean – but what about the behind?

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''Pop on some gloves and grab an anti-bacterial spray. My favourite is method's anti-bac all purpose cleaner in Wild Rhubarb, to disinfect and remove any germs that may be lurking.''

Toothbrush holder 

We all like to keep our pearly whites sparkling clean – but is your toothbrush holder just as squeaky clean?

''Make a habit of regularly cleaning your toothbrush holder every time you clean your bathroom, which should be a minimum of once a week.

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''Use a bleach-free formula – I opt for method's bathroom cleaner in eucalyptus mint.

''This will prevent germs from breeding – which is important considering your toothbrush goes in your mouth,'' the whizz explained.

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Washing machine 

If you've noticed that no matter how much detergent you put in your laundry still comes out with a mouldy smell, it might be high time you gave the washing machine a good clean.

''Regularly cleaning your washing machine detergent drawer, drum, door and seals is the way forward,'' Steve noted, adding this should be done once a week.

''Each washing machine comes with instructions to advise how to clean it.

''In most cases, running a hot wash with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar will keep your machine and your laundry fresh.''

Skirting boards

If you're anything like us, chances are you've successfully avoided wiping skirting boards for months – and over time, they become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

''Be wary if you place a pet's food bowl near skirting boards. As we all know, our pets don’t have the best table manners!

''Before you know it there is congealed food and fluids feeding the bacteria and germs.

''Here’s what I suggest you do: reuse an empty spray bottle and dilute some of cleaner in it. Then simply grab a cloth and wipe away the dust and bacteria, giving your room an immediate boost!''

Bed frame 

Our beds is where we spend quite a big chunk of our lives – and it's best to make it a good chunk too.

We may wash our bedding every week and change it for a fresh set of sheets – but the bed frame remains untouched.

''Regardless of the type of frame you have, it’s important to clean it, to prevent dust and grime build-up.''

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The guru went on to explain: ''A quick way fix is to use your vacuum, followed by wiping with a slightly damp micro-fibre cloth all over the surfaces.

''Do this just before you wash your bedding, so that any dust that could be stirred up is immediately removed and washed away.''

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