I'm a cleaning pro… three hacks I wish I knew sooner, including how to make trainers sparkle like new with a 2p hack | The Sun

I'm a cleaning pro… three hacks I wish I knew sooner, including how to make trainers sparkle like new with a 2p hack | The Sun

IS your favourite pair of trainers in a desperate need of a clean? Then look no further, as one mum has come to rescue.

Making your trainers clean can be quite tricky, as it's not as simple as chucking them inside the washing machine – but luckily, one savvy parent, Carolina McCauley, has shared her top tips to tackle the dirt.

Taking to TikTok, the whizz, from Australia, revealed how you can clean footwear with just one household product, as well as two other handy cleaning hacks.

According to the guru, whose page, @carolina.mccauley, has amassed close to 3million followers, the answer to shiny trainers is some floor cleaner.

For this, the Aussie pro demonstrated in the video, you will simply need to add a bit of your floor cleaner to a bowl of warm water and mix the too with a brush.

Once done, simply use the brush to scrub off any dirt from the sole and go over with a clean cloth to remove the excess water.



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Floor cleaners can be snapped up at most supermarkets, including Tesco, where you can nab over 730ml of the product for £4.50, as well as on Amazon.

''Makes a big difference,'' the Aussie wrote.

Meanwhile, when it comes to tackling grimy stainless steel appliances, such as your fridge, the guru advised to use a glass and mirror spray.

Simply spray a generous amount of the liquid onto the surface and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it all sparkling clean.

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There are dozens of different cleaning sprays available in the market, with high-street retailer B&M selling a 500ml bottle for just £3.50.

Home goods store Wickes also offers a similar cleaning spray that's priced at £2.75.


Caroline also shared some advice for those with pets – and we all know they tend to have accidents every now an then, especially if it's a puppy.

If you have a furry four-legged friend in your home, the savvy mum urged to snap up potty matts – these work like a charm when it comes to absorbing any liquids.

After using the sheets, which can be ordered online from Amazon for as little as £10.99, the Aussie pro urged to sanitise the area with a multipurpose cleaner.

Over the years, Caroline has become somewhat of an internet sensation, boasting millions of fans on both TikTok and Instagram.

The parent regularly shares her tops tips and tricks, such as how to clean your bathroom in just five minutes, how you should really drain pasta, as well as a 79p B&M buy that instantly banishes that musty smell from your washing machine.

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