I’m a doctor and these are fountain of youth secrets you actually need to know… & it all starts with gardening | The Sun

I’m a doctor and these are fountain of youth secrets you actually need to know… & it all starts with gardening | The Sun

A DOCTOR has revealed her top tips to stay young and live a healthy life – and it has nothing to do with skincare. 

Lauren, who is a surgeon, explained that she’s come across a great many people who have led extremely healthy lives and they all had four things in common. 

Dressed in her blue scrubs while sitting in her car, Lauren took to her social media account to share the knowledge she’s gathered over the years. 

“All right, everybody’s looking for the fountain of youth secrets…” she said, starting the clip. 

“If there’s anything I know a lot about as a cataract surgeon, it’s ageing. So let me tell you the things you need to live longer.” 

She continued: “And I’m not gonna tell you the same old c**p…

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“This is the stuff that I've noticed in my clinic from watching 40+ people a day come through and talk to me about their lifestyle.”

Lauren went on to explain that the very first thing she’s observed is that people who have a garden tend to live longer. 

Questioning as to why this could be the case, she said: “I really don’t think it has anything to do with eating anything out of that silly garden.” 

Acknowledging that it’s “great if you do” eat from the garden, Lauren said it’s more about having something to work towards.

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“I think it's about having a plan for the future,” she said. “I think it's about that person having something to look forward to and having something that they're working towards.”

The second thing Lauren says people need to do is “stop abandoning your own health, your own family and your own relationships to take care of your spouse”. 

She continued: “I can't tell you how many people I see just waste the last opportunities they have with relationships with grandchildren and with the rest of their family for an ill spouse member.

“And that becomes their everything. That's their hobby, it's their purpose, it's their day to day life.

“To be a caretaker, you have got to take a break. When those people wake up from the years of being a caretaker and then they have moved past the grief stage. And they move back into the taking care of themselves stage.

“They have lost relationships with family and friends. They have lost their own health. And often times that would have never been what that spouse wanted or the same level of care could have been provided.

“But you could have taken a break coming. The caretaker becomes the only thing they are anymore.

“They're no longer grandmother, they're no longer mom to their children. And that is a damn shame because those last years are spent only doing one thing.”

Next, she said, you should always lift weights as it is the only thing to increase bone density.

Lauren explained that it doesn’t have to be very heavy weights, but can be as simple as putting some weights in a backpack and going for a walk. 

The final thing that she believes everyone should avoid doing is retiring early. 

She said: “Do not retire early unless you are retiring to a second career or to a hobby that takes mental exercise.

So many people just start a nosedive after they retire and it is because your brain needs exercise.”

Lauren said that many people think it’ll be great to sleep in for as long as they want and not deal with customers or colleagues, but it’s important to stay active. 

“But when you retire and your purpose is gone and your mental exercise is gone,” she explained. 

“You will go downhill if all you do is sit on the couch and watch TV and wait to go have lunch with friends.

“That is not enough to keep you stimulated and keep you alive and healthy. It's just not. Sorry.” 

People could resonate with TikTok user @laurenyancey909’s words as one person wrote: “my dad's been retired for 10 years and he is a shell of his former self. has become very anti social and just reads all dat”. 

Another said: “Pops is 72. Still gardens, does long walks daily, and teaches. He said he’ll retire no time soon.”

While a third added: “My grandma gardened and she sadly had to move to an apartment at thats when her health declined. But she lived to 86. And drank tea every night.”

Dan Buettner, a longevity expert, previously told CNBC: “If being around nature is good for you, then being consistent about it is even better, which is something that gardening pretty much forces you to do.” 


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He added that it’s good exercise both physically and mentally, keeping you active during the day, which is important for your health. 

Is there anything you would add to the list?

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