I'm a gardening expert and you MUST do these three jobs this week so flowers keep blooming all summer | The Sun

I'm a gardening expert and you MUST do these three jobs this week so flowers keep blooming all summer | The Sun

ARE YOU green-fingered?

Well, if you like to get your hands dirty and your garden looking good, you need to listen up.

Gardening expert Monty Don has revealed that if you want your garden to be in full bloom this Summer, then it’s seriously important you get out there now.

There’s no time like the present when it comes to gardening.

Don’t be put off by the heatwave, as long as you’ve got your sun cream on and don’t spend hours and hours in the direct sunlight, it’s time to put your gloves on and get out there. 

Gardeners’ World lead host Monty Don shared the important gardening jobs that you must do this week if you want your garden to be in full bloom for summer. 

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Not only this, but if you do these jobs, the 66-year-old claimed that they will “extend flowering season” of certain plants. 

So if you want to impress your loved ones with your garden, you’ve come to the right place. 

According to Monty Don, here are the important jobs you should do this weekend.

Tidy up your hedges

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It’s important not to get too excited and start hacking away at your hedges, but now is an important time to get them tidied up. 

Monty explained: “It's a good idea to lightly trim back the vertical faces of any gaps in hedges – the points where you pass in and out.

“This will have the effect of crisping up the whole garden.”

Remove broad bean tips

If you’re an avid gardener and have broad beans growing in your garden, now is the time to tend to them.

Broad beans can be sown from February to May and the crop can be harvested from May through to July.

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Gardeners growing the crop may find their plants covered in black fly, but Monty assured this is nothing to worry about.

Monty continued: “If your broad beans are smothered with black fly, don't worry, this won't affect the production of beans.

“But it's a good idea to pinch out the tops of the plant, which will remove the soft succulent growth they are attracted to and also promote the bean production in the pods below.”

Chelsea chop perennials

If you’re a real gardening fan, you’ll know what the Chelsea chop is.

This gardening technique is a pruning method which limits the size and controls the flowering season of certain plants.

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This method is usually carried out at the end of May to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show.

But don’t worry if you haven’t done it already, as Monty said “it’s not too late” to try the technique now to “extend the flowering season” of perennials.

He added: “It's not too late to do the Chelsea chop.

“Now what this means is cutting back late flowering perennials like rudbeckias, heleniums or asters.

“This will result in a number of effects. The first is to stagger the heights of the plants.

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“The second is to delay flowering in those you cut back so therefore extend your flowering season.

“Also, by cutting them back you'll promote more side shoots, which means more flowers.”

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