I’m a gym girl – I revealed the outfit I wear on the bus and people say the driver won’t be able to ‘focus’ | The Sun

I’m a gym girl – I revealed the outfit I wear on the bus and people say the driver won’t be able to ‘focus’ | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has raised some eyebrows over her go-to workout outfit.

The avid gym-goer showed off her impressive physique while on her way to exercise.

TikTok user Saffron Sharpe (@saffronsharpe_) posed in her exercise gear while on the bus to the gym.

In her video, Saffron gave her followers a quick glimpse of her stylish outfit.

The TikToker can be seen wearing a black sports bra and a pair of olive green biker shorts.

The influencer's toned midriff and cleavage are clearly visible in the simple look.

Saffron used a viral audio clip to poke fun at her outfit being regarded as "inappropriate."

"This is not proper dressing," a woman can be heard shouting in the popular TikTok sound.

"I'm WARNING you," the TikTok user joked in the caption of her video.

Saffron did not appear to be bothered by the judgemental stares, showing a close-up of her face, clearly smiling underneath her mask.

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However, some followers agreed that her look was a distraction, taking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One viewer implied that "the bus driver cannot focus" due to Saffron's revealing outfit.

On the other hand, another TikTok user advised the influencer to "continue wearing what you like."

"I'd stay all the way to the final stop," joked another impressed follower.

Another gym girl revealed the wardrobe malfunction she had as a result of her impressive muscles.

A third fitness fanatic received criticism over her revealing workout look.

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