I'm a Hooters girl – I have zero boobs but I do have an asset that every location needs, you can 'take my word for it' | The Sun

I'm a Hooters girl – I have zero boobs but I do have an asset that every location needs, you can 'take my word for it' | The Sun

A CONFIDENT Hooters staffer has claimed that she has an asset that the popular restaurant chain needs.

The content creator told her thousands of fans that she has "zero boobs."

In a viral clip, Chloe (@chloecantali) caused a stir when she boasted she has a “huge badonkadonk.”

The waitress puckered her lips and leaned in closer to the camera before proudly pointing to herself.

Then, Chloe started mouthing the lyrics of the iconic 2002 Eminem track Without Me.

Dozens of viewers praised the Hooters staffer, while others were dubious.

One influencer (@frontopront589976) posted: “So we just supposed to take ur (sic) word for it.”

But, a hater slammed Chloe’s short clip, accusing her of being “inappropriate.”

The TIkToker said that the hate she receives only boosts her viewing figures.

Hooters staffers are renowned for offering glimpses into their day-to-day lives while working at the popular restaurant chain.

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One influencer, Malina (@liinamamii), opened up on the weird questions she gets asked in a viral clip.

Malina was stunned as the first question was: “Are you on the menu?”

The next question was: "Would you have a baby with me, the eyes would be so beautiful?”

Fellow Hooters workers shared their frustrations about the customers that they interact with.

TikTokers, who work in hospitality and customer service, were sympathetic.

One person said: “Girl this job is my nightmare, I’ve had men say creep s**t to me a couple times working at Target.”

Others said that the diners that ask bizarre questions have no filters.

But, working at Hooters is not for everyone and influencers have delved into why they quit their job at the chain.

The U.S. Sun reported how YouTuber Reese (@ReeseyPeesey) had worked at the restaurant for four years but admitted that it was time for a career change.

She said: “The best thing that Hooters gave me was my ability to hang around other women the same age as me. It was almost like a sorority while in college.

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"I felt a lot of people could confide in me and I was kind to everybody."

But, Reese revealed that her “time was up” as she turned 25, adding: “I can’t be pretty forever.”

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