I'm a lash technician… trolls say my extensions look more like moustaches, but I don't care, they look so good | The Sun

I'm a lash technician… trolls say my extensions look more like moustaches, but I don't care, they look so good | The Sun

A LASH tech has gone viral after sharing some of her work, which people have compared to dark moustaches.

Kimm, from Los Angeles, the USA, is a beauty expert who has recently taken the internet by storm with her unusually large and fluffy lash extensions.

Although the clips on Instagram and TikTok are watched by thousands, one such video has gone viral.

In the video, which has been viewed more than a whopping 22.6 million times, Kimm showed off one of her latest creations – a set so long and thick, it fully covered the client's eyelids.

Although it's unclear how much the beauty whizz charged the young woman at the end of the appointment, the LA-based lash pro is known for her hefty prices.

Earlier, Kimm revealed that a similar set cost a whopping £250.

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But although Kimm and her clients appear to love her creations, not everyone's become a fan, with many social media users expressing their sheer horror and disgust.

''Steve Harvey’s missing his backup mustaches…. [sic],'' one person chuckled.

Another joked: ''bro she need’s another shampoo just for her eyelashes [sic].''

''Hell nah,'' is how a third viewer felt about the thick extensions, which some were convinced had to be a ''joke''.

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Laughing at the volume of the fake lashes, somebody thought the young client was ready for take off.

''Getting really for her next flight.''

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While it not may be everyone's cup of tea, Kimm seems to have a regular stream of clients who request a similar look, as she often shares Before and After clips with people rocking her strips.

It's not the first time the beauty whizz has gone viral on the internet – earlier this year, people compared her extensions to ''massive brooms''.

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After being met with criticism of letting beauty lovers leave the appointment ''with such embarrassment'', Kimm took it to TikTok to respond to the trolls.

''Everybody who keep commenting about the lashes saying they are too heavy and look ugly DONT wear them.''

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