I'm a McDonald's worker – here's the sneaky way we get revenge on rude customers | The Sun

I'm a McDonald's worker – here's the sneaky way we get revenge on rude customers | The Sun

A McDONALD’S worker has revealed the sneaky way that staff get their revenge on rude customers.

As with any fast food job, servers often encounter frustrated folk who moan that their meal is taking too long.

But when they are particularly nasty, it doesn’t go unpunished.

The favourite method of payback is making sure that their fries have been sabotaged in some way.

A colleague, who works in a Scottish McDonald's branch, told us: “If a customer is annoying or rude they’ll get s***e chips.

“Either the ones that have been sitting for ages or ones with no salt.

“I’ll do that loads if they phone up and are cheeky about a delivery they’re waiting.

“Mainly because then they’re stuck with them.”

Meanwhile, a Scots rock climber told how he ate nothing but McDonald's burgers for two months – but claimed he's 'never been stronger'.

Dave Macleod, 44, set out to disprove that red meat is bad for people with a burger-only diet.

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In two months, Macleod, who is one of the world's leading rock climbers, ate a massive 850 beef burgers in just two months.

However, he only ate the plain beef patties and took off the bun, cheese, and sauces and left the chips, fizzy drinks and ice cream to keep it healthy.

This worked out to an average of between 12 and 16 McDonald's patties every day across the eight weeks.

Macleod, who also has a Masters degree in nutrition, only drank cups of tea and fruit squash at that time.

The climber, who landed himself a spot in the record books for his daring stunts, believes that a 'carnivore diet' could have a positive effect on the human body and improve a person's health.

And he said that while eating only McDonald's burgers he has never felt stronger.

Not only did he lose around half a stone, but he also noticed that he felt fitter and his mental health improved.

Macleod, from the Highlands, also claimed that his eczema had disappeared and blood tests showed that the risk of his developing diabetes and heart disease had reduced.

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