I’m a mum & found a genius way to dry clothes without turning the heating on OR using the tumble dryer – it’s cheap too | The Sun

I’m a mum & found a genius way to dry clothes without turning the heating on OR using the tumble dryer – it’s cheap too | The Sun

ATTEMPTING to dry your clothes this winter without a tumble dryer or the heating on will be tricky.

But the cost of living crisis and rise in energy costs means we're all watching every penny this winter.

One mum from the UK decided to investigate other ways to dry her family's clothes without having to keep the heating on or use a tumble dryer.

The woman took to her TikTok account, dungeree me, to show off her genius find that she bought from Lakeland.

In the video, she said: "If you're like me and you're thinking how the hell am I going to get all my clothes dry this winter because heating is crazy prices, I've decided to get a three-tier heated clothes rail."

she added: "Apparently it's £1.68 on average for a tumble dryer for an hour and this is 56p an hour."


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The mum captioned the post: "Like most people, we won’t be having the heating for hours this year, not enough to dry the tons of washing my teen makes!

"I’m trying the #drysoon heated airer in the hope it’s going to do the job!"

Prices for the Dry Soon heated clothes rail start at £120, although the cost may sound expensive, it is far cheaper to run than a tumble dryer or having your heating on all day.

The dryer from Dry Soon costs on average 56p to run for an hour, whereas a tumble dryer cycle can cost £1.12, according to Uswitch estimates.

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Many took to the comments to recommend the heated clothes rail, one added: "Had mine for 2 years. Brilliant. Keeps the room warm and no nasty damp smell."

Another penned: "There’s an art to hanging stuff on it and having it dry quickly. Heavier fabrics on the top and smalls laid flat across the bottom rungs."

While many viewers seemed impressed by the mum's purchase, plenty of others took to the comments section to offer cheaper alternatives to drying your clothes without using a tumble dryer.

One suggested: "Bedsheet over the clothes horse and around the radiator. Boom, clothes dried quick."

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Another person revealed: "Everyone will have their heating on soon. Get a normal airer and put it near a radiator. If you have little space get an elevated one."

A third recommended: "Best I've found is a dehumidifier it keeps damp off while drying clothes."

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