I’m a nail tech and it’s so obvious how old you are based on your mani style – women in their 30s always play it safe | The Sun

I’m a nail tech and it’s so obvious how old you are based on your mani style – women in their 30s always play it safe | The Sun

A NAIL tech has taken to TikTok to reveal that she can tell your age based on the length of nails – and apparently, there’s one group that always plays it safe. 

Steph shared that while teens tend to be a little more daring with the design and length of their manicures, those aged 35 – 45 always cut them short. 

The content creator, known online as @nailswsteph, regularly shares nail design ideas and stories about her role as a nail technician. 

During the 26-second TikTok reel, she said: “Nail lengths I see age groups get the most, from a nail tech.

“11 to 13, y’all always tell me you wanted them longer but your parents wouldn’t let you.”

With this comment, she shared a set of acrylics that were only a few centimetres longer than their client’s natural nails.  


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“15 to 17, long to xxx-long is what you guys be getting and I LOVE it.”

While these were also square, the acrylic nails Steph shared were extremely long, almost three inches in length.  

“18 to 23, I noticed y’all can’t get them long because of jobs or babies but you still try to go as long as you can.”

The pictured set here was a little longer than the 11 to 13s, but at least half the length of the 15 to 17s.  

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“35 to 45, always this length, I just want to glam them out and do x-long just once.”

The final shot showed a natural set, with the nail filed down to stop at the end of her client’s fingers. 

Below she added: “It’s so cute seeing 18 to 25yo measuring their nails cause they don’t want to scratch their baby.”

Her video attracted plenty of attention online, with the video gaining more than 173,000 likes and 1.2 million views. 

In the comments, Steph’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “THE ACCURACY.”

Another said: “18-23, accurate. I work with animals so I cannot have the xl nails.”

Steph replied: “Yessss I have so many people that tell me they need it short to medium length cause of their job.”

Although not everyone agreed, with another commenting: “I'm 35 and I LOVE long nails I always get mine long.”

Someone else put: “I’m 21 and get the 35-45 length bc I can’t handle long nails.”

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