I’m a plus sized style guru – how to hide your stomach easily and fashionably WITHOUT uncomfortable shapewear

I’m a plus sized style guru – how to hide your stomach easily and fashionably WITHOUT uncomfortable shapewear

THERE'S nothing worse than looking for an outfit, but finding it clings in all the places you don't want it to.

But plus-sized style guru Cari Berry has opened up about her top tips for concealing bulging stomachs, or any other areas you want to try and hide, in an expert video on YouTube.

"I don’t want to change myself, I don’t hate my body – I’d just like it to look a little bit smoother," Cari began.

"My main goals when I am dressing my body is to look smoother and to give myself more of an hourglass shape.

"I want my waist to look like the smallest part of me and I don’t want to look lumpy."

First up, Cari recommends trying a top with a peplum.

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"I love peplum for apple shaped bodies and for anyone who’s looking to cover, camouflage, conceal a mid section of any kind," she said.

She first showcased a green pattern bardot top, before swapping it for a black T-shirt with a peplum hem.

"Even when I turn to the side, my stomach, my love handles, all of that is much more smooth looking now, much more straight so it gives more of that hourglass effect," she said.

Her next tip was to use outerwear, which helps "cast shadows from the light so it kind of helps to create more camouflage for that midsection area".

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She then showed herself wearing a bodycon T-shirt dress, which she "never ever wears out of the house".

But instead of assigning the dress to being one she only wears at home, Cari added a leather jacket over the top.

"What that does is smooth out the silhouette," she explained.

"When I turn to the side the eye doesn’t follow the contour of my belly anymore, it’s following the line of the jacket."


  1. Go for a top with a peplum
  2. Use outerwear to cast shadows and camouflage areas you don't want to show
  3. Try an A-line dress or skirt with a tight top to highlight the smallest part of your body
  4. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist to draw the eye away from your stomach

Dresses and skirts are another way of hiding a stomach area.

"In the summertime, when I’m just not feeling myself and feeling super exposed and that I can’t wear anything that flatters my body because it’s too hot, I’ll get on a dress kick," Cari said.

"And then for the rest of the summer I don’t wear anything except for dresses.

"They’re such a great way to define your waist but also to conceal any areas that you don’t want to see."

She's not talking about bodycon dresses though – but A-line or more flowing options.

In a red floral dress, she said: "What I love about this dress, I love that it’s tight around the bust area because I have big boobs so it helps define that hourglass situation.

"And then it’s snug at the waist and it’s A-line.

"It has the perfect A-line, it doesn’t hug anything and it just floats away from the body and gives such a nice shape."

Cari's final tip was to use a flannel shirt to tie around the waist to distract from the stomach.

"These are some of my favourite jeggings, I got them from Amazon," she said.

"I love how they hug my legs, I love how they hug my butt but I do not love how they hug my belly."

So, instead of having attention drawn to her stomach, she grabbed a flannel shirt from her husband's closet and tied it around her waist.

I like to leave it unbuttoned for this, because that gives it a little bit more width so that it covers this area," she said.

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"I tie it tight around the smallest part of my waist.

"And with those super long sleeves it’s kind of nice because one you tie the knot the sleeves kind of hang in front of your belly and give it a bit of camouflage."

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