I'm a pro stylist and you should never wear these three things if you want to hide a mum tum – they're so unflattering | The Sun

I'm a pro stylist and you should never wear these three things if you want to hide a mum tum – they're so unflattering | The Sun

A STYLING whizz has listed the three items to give a miss if you're trying to hide your belly.

There is nothing wrong with rocking a mum tum – but there are numerous people who feel less confident with their curves on show.

If you're amongst them, keep on reading, as certified stylist Marina Usti, from California, the US, has shared the biggest Don'ts of fashion for those with a bigger belly.

According to the young expert, there are three popular garments that are best avoided at all costs – as they will only ''emphasize your belly''.

One of them, Marina noted, was a pair of pleated trousers.

Although many people on social media insisted that this item helped them hide the curves, the whizz believed these trousers were anything but flattering.

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''Pleats which facing inwards give more volume and emphasize belly,'' she explained.

Another item of clothing the style guru would ditch are slim fit dresses, especially when they're made from thick fabric.

You might think the thick fabric snatches the waist and gives the illusion of a flatter stomach, but according to Marina, this is not the case.

The same, she added, applies to comfortable hoodies with the so-called kangaroo pockets – again, a garment that will only make your tummy look bigger.

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But despite the recommendations, the response online was mixed, as dozens of people flocked to comments to hit back at the style pro.

One fashionista said: ''I beg to differ with pleated pants cus they are all I wear with how flattering they are for my tummy.''

Someone else agreed, writing: ''pleated pants and paper bag pants have done wonders for my self confidence personally.''

''Wear whatever you want and whatever you feel confident and comfortable in. Nothing else matters,'' another urged others to ditch the 'rules' shared in the video.

''silk skirts. I'll never be able to wear one with my hip to waist ratio, think thoughts and height,'' a style enthusiast added.

For those looking for more inspiration and tips and tricks, Marina, who posts under @marina_usti, promised to list the items that will instantly make the belly disappear.

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