I'm a thrifty mum and have five strict rules I follow for Christmas presents, they help me save so much money | The Sun

I'm a thrifty mum and have five strict rules I follow for Christmas presents, they help me save so much money | The Sun

WITH Christmas just a month away, we’re all starting to think about what to buy for our loved ones. 

Luckily one savvy mum has come up with a ‘five gift rule’ – and it could help save you a fortune. 

Tiktok account @wrekinhg regularly shares handy tips with their 222 followers. 

In their latest video, one bargain hunter shared how she plans what to buy her kids.

She uses the ‘five gift rule,’ where she purchases five gifts that fit within five criteria – something to read, something they need, something to do, something to wear, and something they’ll love. 

This helps her work out what she needs to buy and stops her from going over the top. 


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She shared how much she spent, managing to get all five gifts for just £24.98.

“The five gift rule for Christmas. Affordable/sustainable edition. 

“Something to read. £2 from a car boot sale.

“Something they need. £1.99 from Home Bargains. 

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“Something to do. £6.99 from Aldi. 

“Something to wear. £4 from Asda (on sale). 

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“Something they’ll love. £10 from Facebook Marketplace.”

During the 22-second video, the savvy shopper shares the presents she’s bought for her child to fit in with the five gift rules. 

 This includes a second-hand copy of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, a two-pack of Novelty Baby Socks, and a Wooden Stacking Pebbles toy. 

There was also a two-pack of Star Wars pyjamas and a toy pirate ship. 

Fans loved the idea, with the video gaining more than 2,300 likes and 154,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers praised her savvy ways, with one writing: “what a great concept. If only everyone would do this.”

Another said: “I can't agree more, over the top Christmas should stop! we need to teach our kids real values!”

@melphillips011212 added: “I do this. My kids get one big present which they choose and then I get them something they need something to wear and something to read.”

Although not all were in favour, with one writing: “I love this, but personally don't think socks/clothes should be considered a present. They're an everyday essential, not a gift in my opinion.”

Another said: “I want to be this mom so bad, but I know me imma go as crazy as we can. Growing up my parents always went above and beyond and I want to do the same.”

Someone else commented: “Absolutely not. If I was struggling I would beg borrow & steal to ensure my kids had what they wanted.”

Others shared their own suggestions, with one writing: “Oooo I feel like you are missing ‘something to cherish’ like a family photo, or movie that you watch every year, a family activity to do all together.”

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