I’m a thrifty queen but avoid UK charity shops – there’s three places to pick up better clothes that are WAY cheaper | The Sun

I’m a thrifty queen but avoid UK charity shops – there’s three places to pick up better clothes that are WAY cheaper | The Sun

A SECOND-HAND shopping guru has revealed that charity shops are not always the best places to look for pre-loved bargains.

Thrifty Eleanor, who goes by @urbanclosetlondon, advised people “stop charity shopping in the UK”.

She instead recommended three different locations which are “at least half the price” and have better picks.

These are car boot sales, flea markets and foreign charity shops.

A flea market is a street market for flogging second hand goods, while a car boot is usually in a field with people selling their unwanted goods from the back of their motor.

The 20-year-old claimed that charity shops are the most expensive way to thrift clothes in the UK.

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She claimed that car boot sales and flea markets sell the same stuff found in charity shops for “at least half the price”.

Eleanor also recommended scouring rails for second hand clothes while you’re on holiday.

She said: “Thrift shops abroad are amazing.

“They’re so so much cheaper abroad.

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“You can put them in your suitcase or just ship them home.”

She has previously revealed that you can nab designer bargains at car boot sales for as little as 50p. 

However, not everyone was prepared to turn their back on their favourite charity shop just yet. 

One penned: “Don’t forget that the money raised goes to charities that help people.”

A second added: “Charity shops are meant to be accessible for those with lower incomes.

“And the money goes to charity. 

“It’s not all about what is ‘good’ and what’s not.

“Telling people to stop charity shopping feels like a bit too bold of a statement.

“Perhaps better wording could’ve been used ”

Eleanor – who resells vintage clothes online for a living – was keen to clear up that she was referring to south London charity shops near where she lives.

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She explained: “Should have specified *London* charity shops.

“I think you still get some stuff, it's just a bit of a waste of time, you know.”

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