I'm an appliance pro – you need to clean limescale out your kettle now, it’s costing you a bomb | The Sun

I'm an appliance pro – you need to clean limescale out your kettle now, it’s costing you a bomb | The Sun

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YOUR kettle is probably one the most used appliances in your kitchen,  but this regular use could actually be making it a rather costly item.

This is especially true if you are living in a hard water area, as limescale build-up may be making your energy bills higher than they otherwise would be.

Speaking to the Express, Paul Benjamin, Digital Marketing Manager at Kinetico, said: “Not only is limescale in your kettle unsightly, but it can also make your tea taste funny and could be making your energy bills higher. 

“Limescale affects how efficient your kettle is by covering the heat element, so it takes longer to heat up the water, which can shorten the lifespan of your kettle and increase the amount of energy you use to boil water.

“Not only will you be paying more for your energy use, but you’ll likely need to shell out on a new kettle sooner than expected too.”

Luckily there are a number of methods for cleaning your kettle, so you’ll be able to keep costs down.

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One way to descale your kettle is by using lemon juice.

This method is super easy too, all you need to do is fill half the kettle with lemon juice and the remaining half with water, let this boil and leave for half an hour, then just pour out and rinse.

Another simple method is using white wine vinegar.

This is pretty similar to the lemon juice method as you’ll start by filling the kettle 50/50 with vinegar and water. 

Then leave for at least an hour before boiling, after boiling you just pour it away and boil a second time with water to get rid of any lingering vinegar taste.

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Regularly cleaning and descaling your kettle will help keep your energy costs down, and prevent your cups of tea tasting somewhat strange.

You can get lemon juice from supermarkets for as little as 50p, and white wine vinegar for just 80p.

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