I’m known as the ‘Queen of mascara’ and my secret, easy hack makes your lashes look great & all you need is a hairdryer | The Sun

I’m known as the ‘Queen of mascara’ and my secret, easy hack makes your lashes look great & all you need is a hairdryer | The Sun

FOR those blessed with naturally long eyelashes, faffing around with fake eyelashes is something they may never have experienced before.

But people with short eyelashes will know the struggle of attempting to glue on falsies, only to get glue everywhere and them to not sit correctly. 

Not only is the process time-consuming but it can be a real pain, so it would be much better if our eyelashes would naturally have the length that mimics false lashes. 

Luckily, one makeup whiz has revealed just the trick to get your lashes looking thick and long. 

There will be no more fake eyelashes needed thanks to this clever hack.

Mia Deluca, known on social media as the ‘Queen of mascara’, regularly shares her tips for getting your eyelashes to look long and voluminous.

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Posting under the username ‘miadeluca’, she has 97.2k followers on TikTok and 7.4million likes and her latest video has left people very impressed. 

In her most recent video, the beauty fan responds to a comment that asked ‘How do you get them to stay up for the whole day?’ as she shares how she keeps her eyelashes looking fabulous.

In the six-second clip, Mia reveals her secret technique that gets her eyelashes to stay put all day long.

And her secret involves using a hairdryer – yes, you heard that correctly.

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Mia applies mascara to her eyelashes and then uses a hairdryer underneath her eye, to blow her eyelashes up.

After a few seconds, whilst still holding the hairdryer on her eyelashes, she then applies more mascara, in slow strokes. 

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She then shows off her finished look and we are stunned – her eyelashes are extremely long and you can clearly see a striking difference between her eyelashes with the mascara and those without. 

Mia confirms that she uses the hairdryer on the coldest setting and presses the cool button to ensure that her eyelashes aren’t damaged in the process. 

She said: “It’s on the coolest setting and [I press] the cool button.

“I also angle it up towards my lashes, not into my eye.” 

Mia’s video has clearly impressed many, as in just a day of being on TikTok, her video has racked up a whopping 12.5million views. 

It has 839.5k likes, 7,223 comments and 11k shares. 

Beauty fans were stunned at the technique and rushed to the comments to express this.

One person said: “This is the most innovative thing I’ve ever seen”. 

Another added: “Hmm very interesting… will be trying tomorrow morning”. 

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A third commented: “Omg need to try!” 

Someone else stated: “Omg your lashes are so beautiful!”. Another confirmed: “Yes! I did this for years before I started getting extensions but if I ever stop I’ll do this again because I swore by it, my lashes never budged”.

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