I’m obsessed with buying fake eyelash hauls from Shein – here’s the best buys to snap up for as little as 75p | The Sun

I’m obsessed with buying fake eyelash hauls from Shein – here’s the best buys to snap up for as little as 75p | The Sun

IF YOU love a good set of fake lashes but hate forking out for pricey sets you're in luck.

One beauty fan has shared the best bargain lashes she buys from Shein and they start from as little as 75p.

Posting her haul on TikTok, Des who posts as @shawtieebaee tried on all the lashes she snapped up to see which looked the best.

The first pack came with five sets of strip lashes and cost £3.25, Des was obsessed with how fluttery they looked and gave them a nine out of ten rating.

If you love a bit of drama the second set of lashes you'll be a fan of the next set which looked stunning of the beauty fan.

The best part is the pack comes with 10 pairs so you'll have plenty to wear, and since they're priced at £4 it's a total bargain buy too.


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They were so stunning the make-up lover even gave them a perfect rating of 10 out of 10.

The third pack cost Des £3.75 for another pack of 10 and once she glued them on she couldn't get enough of them.

"[They're] giving cat eye," the beauty fan said as she tried them on, giving them a solid nine out of 10.

If you prefer more of a natural look you might prefer the pack Des bought for £3.75.

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She thought they looked more like natural extensions than the other options and rated them a seven out of 10.

The make-up fan also grabbed a pack of three pairs for 75p for a fluttery look.

"I was a bit sceptical at first but they came out better than expected," Des said in the comments.

The cute lashes were Des's least favourite but still looked stunning on and at 25p per set of lashes they're loads cheaper than other options.

Understandably, Des wasn't the only person obsessed with the falsies and other beauty fans flocked to the comment section of the video to rave about them.

"Shein have got the best lashes for real," one person quipped.

A second agreed: "Number 4, I've got those lashes and they legit are so cute and it's like I can wear it everyday without my eyes looking extreme."

"Ugh you've convinced me to order more lashes," a third wrote.

"I'm buying all of these right now," someone else said.

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