I’m plus-size and proud to weigh 250lb – I know the right person will appreciate me, others just can’t ‘handle’ my body | The Sun

I’m plus-size and proud to weigh 250lb – I know the right person will appreciate me, others just can’t ‘handle’ my body | The Sun

ALTHOUGH much of society tries to shame bigger people into hiding their bodies, one plus-sized woman has decided to proudly show off her extra weight.

Posting to her TikTok account, @katsitsaronhkwasiontiats, the woman first played a clip of a podcast host saying: “Name one girl that looks good at 300 pounds.”

When the clip ended, she went on to defend her body – and looked confident while doing so.

“So, I may not be 300 pounds, as you so want to say. Just a little over 250. But can we just, for a second, admire this?”

She stood up to reveal her body, showing off her stomach and curves.

“Now my body type may not be everybody’s preference – men, women – may not be your preference. But somebody out there will appreciate all of this. Somebody out there will be able to handle all of this.”

She went on to say that she isn’t a fan of people who equate being “fat” to having health risks.

“I don’t have any health risks, as they so want to put it. Bigger women, like me, do not have diabetes.

“The only thing that is unhealthy about me, personally speaking, is that I smoke cigarettes,” she admitted, adding that it has nothing to do with her weight.

Continuing to defend her body, she said she’s taking medication to keep her from overeating.

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“If you don’t like bigger women, just stay the f*** away, because we don’t like your attitude.”

Unlike the podcaster, this woman wanted to encourage others to feel comfortable in their own bodies – no matter what they look like.

“Promoting body positivity does not equate to pushing obesity onto people. Body positivity is about loving you, who you are, in your skin.”

Viewers applauded her outlook and encouraged her to keep being herself.

“Will never understand why people care so much about what other people look like. You’re gorgeous. These people are so strange,” one commenter wrote.

“I appreciate the confidence the most. You look so good and you KNOW you do. So good to see,” another added.

“I’m 290 pounds and I’m gorgeous,” a third chimed.

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