I’m plus size – I tried Shein’s new curve collection, the sizing was so bad & there was a weird smell too | The Sun

I’m plus size – I tried Shein’s new curve collection, the sizing was so bad & there was a weird smell too | The Sun

SHEIN is generally regarded as an ideal source of fashionable and affordable clothes.

A YouTuber has revealed some of the issues she had while trying on the brand's new curve collection.

Plus-size YouTuber Anna, who runs the channel Glitter and Lazers, shared her brutally honest review of Shein's new curve collection.

Anna gave her viewers a disclaimer about Shein's sizing guide before beginning her haul.

The influencer said: "Shein is a confusing mess when it comes to shopping because nothing is consistent. My only guide is just use the size chart."

For her first look, Anna tried on a green off the shoulder dress with ruffles, available on Shein for $18.

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"I don’t hate the feeling of this fabric, it’s actually quite nice. And I say this because usually when I get dresses from Shein, or when I’ve tried them in the past, it’s got that weird chemical-feeling cloth," she said.

Next, the YouTuber modeled a $25 black lapel collar blouse and pant set.

"They literally smell like rotten eggs. If you went out in the sun in these, you’d be the stinky kid. And as a plus-sized person, that’s literally one of my biggest fears," she explained.

As she modeled the outfit, Anna proceeded to spray herself generously with Fabreeze.

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"It just smells so bad. I don’t care what it looks like because it smells like trash. Also why are these pants so short?" she asked.

The influencer also tried on a $12 orange and blue graphic tee with chains, as well as an ill-fitting black plaid mesh shirt, available for $11.

Anna also showed viewers a $12 white blouse, which she said was "kind of off."

She explained: "It’s not too small and it’s not too big. I don’t know what human they based this shirt off of because this human’s got a unique body type."

The YouTuber also purchased a $22 red batwing sleeve dress and a $20 red drawstring side wrap dress, and $13 mint green pants, none of which fit her.

For her next look, Anna modeled a $20 colorful dress which she said: "has a low level smell test but I feel like with a wash this will not smell like feet."

Similarly, she tried on a $16 red high waist pleated skirt, which had a "medium grade smell test."

Anna explained: "The challenge with this one though is when you wash a pleated fabric, it may not hold the pleats."

The influencer had some winning pieces including a $14 tie dye T-shirt dress, a $15 brown bodycon dress, a $26 tropical print dress, a $21 yellow ruched dress, and a $9 sheer mesh top.

In her overall review, Anna said: "A lot of these clothes smell like dusty ass. There’s no other way to describe it, the smell was so pungent at times that I felt like throwing up."

She also added: "In terms of fit, it’s still inconsistent as hell. For me to buy items that really should have fit me based on the size chart and have them not even close up, it’s just clear proof to me that Shein has not gotten their sizing together."

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