Karens tell me my outfit isn’t ‘appropriate’ to wear in public – I just smirk and shrug my shoulders | The Sun

Karens tell me my outfit isn’t ‘appropriate’ to wear in public – I just smirk and shrug my shoulders | The Sun

A STRIKING woman revealed that when she shows off her figure in racy clothes, it draws glares and comments from prudish passers-by.

But that's fine by her, she explained – she has a short, sweet response ready to go.

Sarah Waldorf isn't afraid to make daring fashion choices.

The content creator shared one of her outfits in a clip on TikTok, where she also talked about the reactions she gets from other women.

Standing in front of a mirror, Waldorf modeled one of her favorite warm-weather ensembles.

On top, she wore a figure-hugging cropped sleeveless shirt with a unique twisted center.

It showed a generous amount of cleavage and did some gravity-defying tricks to show off "underboob," too.

She paired the skimpy top with cutoff jean shorts in a similar tone.

Waldorf's reflection in the mirror showed that the shorts covered her cheeks – but just barely.

In the caption, Waldorf indicated that not everyone is a huge fan of her style.

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"Karen: 'That's not an appropriate outfit to wear out in public,'" the caption read.

But Waldorf wasn't moved. Slowly tossing her hair and rolling her eyes, she took her time in giving a reaction to the camera.

Finally, she looked directly into the lens and gave a little smirk.

"Okay!" she mouthed, giving a casual shrug and an unaffected smile.

Commenters were much more receptive to Waldorf's outfit than the so-called Karens of the world.

"Looks good to me," wrote one fan, while another said Waldorf looked "beautiful."

One viewer found a clever way to prove he was paying attention.

"Nice mole," the commenter wrote. It wasn't a non-sequitur.

He was referring to a tiny mark on Waldorf's torso – conveniently located just a few inches south of her left breast.

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