Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her KFC Platform Crocs She Received: 'Aren't These Amazing?'

Kim Kardashian West is showing off a new addition to her shoe collection: Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs.

On Thursday, Kim, 39, revealed the platform-styled clogs — which are adorned with fried drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms — on her Instagram Stories.

“I woke up this morning to a delivery from Kentucky Fried Chicken and they are Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs,” Kim explained while showing off the shoes, which were placed inside a massive glass box.

The shoe appears to be a design mimicking the fast-food chain’s signature takeout box as the top of the croc was a fried chicken patter while the platform is white and features the brand’s famous red stripes.

“They are introducing new Beyond Meat chicken, so they now will be having meatless chicken,” Kim said in the video.

“I always eat vegan when I’m home. I went out and had KFC recently and it was amazing, but I don’t really eat meat all the time,” Kim shared.

“This is amazing that they are partnering with Beyond Meat to have meatless chicken,” Kim said of the Los Angeles-based company that produces plant-based meat substitutes.

As for the Crocs, Kim admitted she’s a fan.

“Aren’t these amazing?” she added of the shoe.

Last month, Kim and her husband Kanye West showed off their love for KFC when they enjoyed a few drumsticks while in Paris before visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house.

Kim shared a video of their fast-food experience on Instagram, along with several photos, captioning the post simply, “JPG & KFC.”

In the video, the parents of four navigated the French menu to self-order before walking up to the counter.

Kanye, 42, pointed to a chicken drumstick option, before Kim added, “Wait, fries!”

KFC announced their collaboration with Crocs also in February.

Not only do the shoes come with KFC drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms to accessorize with — the removable charms are even chicken-scented.

The classic clogs will be available for purchase in unisex sizes later this spring and will set customers back $59.99.

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