Lauren Luyendyk Says ‘Seeing The World’ Through Her Daughter’s Eyes ‘Inspires’ Her Shades Of Rose Designs

Lauren Luyendyk Says ‘Seeing The World’ Through Her Daughter’s Eyes ‘Inspires’ Her Shades Of Rose Designs

Lauren Burnham Luyendyk’s biggest muse is her daughter Alessi, 1. With the launch of her first holiday collection, she spoke to HL about how her daughter inspires her.

Lauren Burnham Luyendyk’s Shades of Rose fashion company exudes confidence, empowerment and divine female energy that is ever-present in her first ever holiday collection for the brand. From sweater sets to satin dresses, the Shades of Rose holiday collection has been on Lauren’s mind even before the launch of her brand. “I love everything glittery and glam. I love satin and dressing up for holiday parties, so I was already thinking about what I wanted for this collection when going into the line,” she said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

The Bachelor Nation star admitted “things [in the collection] changed a little bit when COVID hit… but we pivoted.” “We wanted to make sure that the girls who love dressing up for the holidays were able to do so with Shades Of Rose, but we also wanted to make sure there were more comfortable options too, for the girls that will be staying home for the holidays.” Lauren described the “Shades Of Rose girl” as one who is “very confident, self empowered and also is empowering other women around her.”

This definition inspired the new mom to partner with GirlTalk this holiday season, an organization that mentors young girls to become confident leaders, to give back to the wider community. For the first week of the Shades Of Rose holiday collection launch, 10% of profits from Shades of Rose will go directly to GirlTalk.

Lauren’s daughter, Alessi, 1, has been her muse throughout her Shades Of Rose designs, and “seeing the world through her eyes” has helped her create the brand. “Alessi inspires a lot of things in my life,” she gushed. “For instance, one of the patterns I’m working on and using as inspiration is dandelions and that was from when Alessi and I were hanging out in the backyard and she was blowing dandelion flowers around.”

Lauren Luyendyk’s Shades Of Rose holiday collection is out now, and stay tuned for some amazing Black Friday deals!

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