Modern models are so fake, I might have cellulite, wrinkles and grey hair but I'm owning it, says Caprice Bourret

Modern models are so fake, I might have cellulite, wrinkles and grey hair but I'm owning it, says Caprice Bourret

CAPRICE BOURRET is a model and entrepreneur. 

Here she discusses the lengths she goes to in order to look fabulous at 50.

LAST October, I posed naked for a magazine photo shoot to mark my 50th birthday and it immediately brought back memories of my first-ever Playboy celebrity cover 21 years ago.

Back then, I just had to stand straight and smile to look amazing.

Now I have to really work my positions to make my body look good. I have cellulite on my inner thighs, fat in weird places from pregnancy, wrinkles and grey hairs, but I’m owning it. I love it when I tell people I’m 50 and they say: “What?!”

The model scene has changed so much since I broke out in 1996, aged 24. Models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are gorgeous, but we were more organic.

These days, everything is so manipulated and fake, and models are changing their appearance from a very young age. We didn’t do that.

I work in an industry where youth is everything so, inevitably, I have been turned down for jobs because of my age, but I’ve never played the victim card.

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When I turned 30 I knew I needed a plan B and started my business By Caprice. Unlike modelling, age is actually an advantage in business, as it symbolises experience.

My husband Ty Comfort, 55, is my rock, and we’re as in love as the day we met in 2011. Some of my friends’ husbands aren’t as attentive as they used to be, which makes them feel insecure.

It’s important not to let the flame die. As a mum and career woman, there have been times when I’ve said: “I’m too tired for sex”. But I have come to realise that sex only actually takes 10 to 15 minutes and it makes you feel better!

Now I don’t go a week without being intimate with my husband. The more sex I have, the more I need. When I met Ty, I didn’t feel like I needed a piece of paper to validate our relationship.

But when our sons Jett and Jax, both eight, came along, I decided it would be nice for them if we were married, so I told Ty: “It’s time” and we tied the knot at a registry office in 2019.

Sometimes, I wish I could have tried for a family earlier than 40, as I’d love more kids, but I left it too late because I wouldn’t compromise on meeting the right person.


I loved being pregnant and didn’t care what it did to my body. My stomach has never been flat again, but it’s a beautiful reminder of childbirth following a miscarriage and three failed IVF attempts.

Six months before turning 50, I started worrying about the menopause and had my hormones checked.

The doctor said I had to be careful because I could actually get pregnant. I said to him: “Are you on crack? I’m almost 50!”

He said it was extraordinary, but I have a high follicle count and still get periods like clockwork. I’d love another baby, but I wouldn’t at this age.

I’ve become obsessed with health tests since I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in 2017 while competing on The Jump.

I had the tumour surgically removed and am fine, but the trauma turned me into a hypochondriac. Every year I pay £1,500 for a complete body scan.


I spend a fortune on my health and lifestyle – I take 31 vitamins a day and am vegetarian.

I do Ozone therapy before I go to sleep, which uses liquid oxygen to treat and help ward off viruses and I get NAD therapy every six months, which is a coenzyme that goes into my veins.

At my house in London, I have a sauna with LED lights, which are great for the face. I work out with a friend in her 30s and have more strength and resilience than she does.

I haven’t had surgery, but if anything goes really downhill I will.

I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. I’m healthy, have a beautiful family and have future-proofed my career, thanks to hard graft and positive thinking. Ageing will never stop me.

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