Mum reveals huge knot in daughter’s hair – and she tries using SEVEN bottles of conditioner to detangle it

Mum reveals huge knot in daughter’s hair – and she tries using SEVEN bottles of conditioner to detangle it

GETTING rid of matted knots in your hair is never easy and one mum was left "mortified" after seeing just how tangled up her little girl's hair had become.

The ends of her daughter's hair on side of her head had become completely matted, with the mum desperately seeking advice on how to detangle her hair after already trying seven bottles of conditioner.

Posting on TikTok, she shared a video of her combing through her daughter's wet hair and held up the giant knot to the camera.

"Can anyone recommend what I can do with this mahoosive knot in my daughter's very long hair? (sic)" the mum asked.

She revealed in the caption of her video – that has since been watched over 50k times online – that she had tried and failed to remove the knot and was now seeking advice from a hairdresser.

The mum revealed that even after using "seven bottles of conditioner, a detangler comb and conditioning spray" the knot wasn't budging.

Hundreds of people commented on her post, with some questioning how the knot had got so bad in the first place.

"How did you manage to let it get that bad?" one person asked, while fellow mums could relate, as they revealed they have the same problem with their daughters' hair.

"Firstly ignore any hate our daughters can get like this within 12 hours of being washed and brushed. Little angels (asda) done brilliant, leave in," one mum shared.

Others recommended gently brushing out her daughter's hair from the bottom, slowly working up to the top of the head.

"Just lightly brush it out from bottom to top," said one person, as one more advised: "Work from bottom to top with loads of conditioner in it."

Several others suggested that the mum might have to think about cutting her daughter's hair if the knot doesn't start to ease.

Already used 7 bottles of conditioner a detangler comb and conditioning spray

"Just cut it, her hair will grow back," said one viewer.

A second agreed and shared: "I had this last year my advice would be go to a hairdresser, I had to have my hair cut off I cried all the way through but only way to sort it, good luck."

The "mortified" mum said chopping off her daughter's long locks would be her very last option and could potentially result in seeing a "grown woman cry" as she loves her daughter's long hair that reaches all the way down her back.

She revealed that she's been soaking her daughter's hair in coconut oil, while others suggested teasing the hair out with her fingers, sectioning the hair and using a tangle teaser brush or using a water spray on the knot and working away at it with plenty of "patience".

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