Mum shows off hand painted Mario Kart mural – but people think it looks like something MUCH ruder

Mum shows off hand painted Mario Kart mural – but people think it looks like something MUCH ruder

SHOWING off your home renovations can be extremely rewarding – especially when a lot of effort goes into creating the perfect themed bedroom four your child. 

But after one mum shared her hand-painted wall mural, people were shocked to discover that her Mario Kart themed wall art looked like something entirely different – and it wasn't at all child friendly.

The photo revealed the entire wall of her kids bedroom which the mum-of-two painted based off a computer generated image she'd used as a template,  and while you certainly can't deny the crafty mum of her artistic talents, people couldn't get past the fact that the base of the tree looked like male genitalia – and it was hard to ignore.

The colourful mural was incredible to say the least, and was complete with life-like drawings of characters Luigi and Mario, along with a selection of other graphics from the classic video game.

Posting to Facebook, she said: "This is my twins room, all hand drawn and painted, so only cost about 40 ish quid."

And luckily for her, her twins are probably to young to understand that the large tree on their wall, while painted which such precision,  resembles a particular male body part more than it does the tree it was supposed to be.

Finding the discovery too good to ignore, many people took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person said: "OMG what is at the bottom of that tree?"

And another humorously joked: The tree looks rude. Talented young lady."

While another said: " looks good, but the bottom of the tree tho."

The comments where flooded with both laughing emojis and the playful monkey emoji which commonly relates to one's amusement.

But while many giggled at the sight of the tree, one person cut right to the chase and, after praising the woman on her efforts, said "it reminds me of a man's doo dars," adding,  "sorry, not trying to upset you cos everything else is amazing."

And it was true – the artwork was incredible and one that could only be matched by a store bought wallpaper or printed image.

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