My homemade weed killer costs just $7 a gallon and works in an hour – you only need 3 ingredients | The Sun

My homemade weed killer costs just $7 a gallon and works in an hour – you only need 3 ingredients | The Sun

A HANDYMAN has shared a homemade weed killer that costs just $7 a gallon and works within an hour.

The crafty gardening lover said it takes three key ingredients to make the mixture.

"I made this homemade weed killer for about $7 a gallon and can I tell you what? I am never ever spending $30 again on store-bought weed killer because this stuff works," the gardener (@thesophisticatedcaveman) said in a TikTok video.

"Especially if you're trying to keep heavy chemicals from going into [your] garden," he said of the hack.

He dove into the ingredients he uses for his weed killer.

He said: "So you're going to use one cup of salt, and one gallon of five percent vinegar which you can buy in the store. You could buy stronger vinegar, but all you need is the five percent white vinegar.

"Put about half of it in first with the salt, and shake it up really well until it's disolved.

"Once you're done with that, you could pour the rest of the white vinegar in.

"Again, this is a nice safe way to kill weeds."

He continued: "Then you're going to take one tablespoon of dish soap and put it into your mixture.

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"You can use whatever you want. Again, shake it up until it's nice and incorporated and now you're ready to rock and roll."

He shared his previous results that had left him mind blown.

"I covered this grass that grew while I was on vacation, and check this out, one hour later, check out how brown this is.

"I was pretty shocked. Look at how dry that is. Just after an hour."

The life hacker highlighted the most ideal time to try out the tip.

"You want to do this on a nice hot dry day like you would with regular chemicals. But I'm telling you after three hours, this is good to go.

"And what I'll do now is I'll get my flame thrower out, yes a flame thrower, and burn all this down, but dang this stuff works, give it a try," he concluded.

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