My hookup hid his fiancée from me so I told her he was cheating and ruined their marriage – I did what I had to do

My hookup hid his fiancée from me so I told her he was cheating and ruined their marriage – I did what I had to do

A MAN found out his friend-with-benefits had a whole other life he was hiding.

The hookup had a fiancée, so the man took extreme measures to make the unknowing bride-to-be aware of the situation.

“I always knew my friend-with-benefits of two years was [bisexual],” the man wrote in an anonymous post to Reddit. 

“He tells me he has a girlfriend; turns out it’s his fiancée and they are getting married in a month."

The man informed readers he stopped seeing his hookup once he learned he was in a relationship but was unsure if he should let the girl know because he felt the issue was less “black and white as a heterosexual situation.”

However, after reading the comments under his original story, the poster shared an update in the form of a second post and revealed he did everything in his power to let the bride in on the secret.

“I created a fake Facebook and tried DM’ing her. 

“It doesn’t look like it went through,” he explained.

“I messaged her on Instagram as well; again, it was sent but not read.”

The man took this as a sign to leave the matter alone – until he found his former fling on Grindr.

“So I had quite the convo with him, captured a series of screenshots, printed everything off (along with what I tried sending [the wife] via DM, along with those screenshots), and I sent them to her via registered mail,” the poster revealed.

It seems that the woman got the message loud and clear, as the man said she has “wiped her social media clean of any trace of him.”

“I heard through the grapevine that he’s couch surfing,” he added.

“He hasn’t stopped begging for his wife to take him back but she’s not having it. 

“All is well with the world!”

While it might seem a bit unnecessary to celebrate the demise of a marriage, the internet applauded the man for his efforts. 

“Good on you!

“I feel sorry for her, but he's a piece of s**t and she's better off!” one user commented.

A second sympathizer wrote: “It's just a shame that now she's got to go through a big legal hassle to get rid of him.

“The good thing is that she can probably get an annulment and then it will be like the marriage never happened.”

“​​You saved her years of misery,” yet another supporter commented. 

While the bride is most likely devastated, the internet seems to think it’s best she found out about her cheating partner now rather than later – unlike one woman who learned her husband only asked her out on a date to get revenge on someone years into their marriage.

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